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Instead Santa will roam the halls on weekends taking Instagram. -able photos is that a word Instagram -able Instagram -able photos with shoppers and in recent years, some have even called for parents to stop forcing their kids to sit on Santa's lap KCBS news time four fifty four last transfer the Thelonious monk institute of jazz has been around for thirty years, and it has been a nonprofit that tries to bring together jazz of public policy, according to their website, they quote offer the world's most promising young musicians college level training by internationally acclaimed, jazz masters and to present public school music. Education programs for young people around the world, and it's been a successful program for a long time. And they aim to continue that success. However, it will be under a new name be Thelonious monk institute of jazz will soon become the Herbie Hancock institute of jazz. The board of trustees made the announcement and acknowledged that the change came because the monk estate had made the request to drop the name due to licensing issues. So knowing that they needed to change they turned to another jazz legend who just happened to be the chairman of the organization or be handcock. The vote was unanimous after handcock recused himself from the voting for last FM treads. I'm Peter Osborne. This is a Bloomberg market minute. Stock futures are declining as you as investors return from the thanksgiving break futures down twelve NASDAQ futures down thirty five Dow futures down one hundred nine annex crude lower by almost five percent just under fifty two dollars a barrel. This morning oil is headed for a seventh weekly loss on signs of a global supply glut. It's black Friday and the national retail federation estimates that today is the most popular day in all of the five days from thanksgiving and decipher Monday, Nick comes to shopping seventy one percent of respondents in a survey that the national retail federation did said that they were opening up their wallets today. The research firm customer growth partners estimates that black Friday alone will produce twenty four billion dollars in sales and game. Stop as agreed to sell its AT and T wireless stores to prime communications for seven hundred million exiting a business that the company wants viewed as a key source. Of.

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