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My local i'm like football teams therefore my favorite this parliament hill lie i at the edge of hampstead heath the 60meter poll is surrounded by a great two listed art deco building and has a great cafe and basic changing rooms parliament hilado is unique in the uk as its lines completely in stainless steel it gives the water a distinct shimmer and makes it almost impossible to walk of the shallow end heading south while ido in lambeth also boasts a grey to listing but also has a gym and jacuzzi although they do cost extra and a really nice cafe both around unheated an open all year round although water temperatures can drop to around four degrees in the winter take a wetsuit it's called water swimming isn't your thing that had to hampton pond in the southwest of london what's on the edge of bushy park and very close to king henry the eights hampton court palace this thirty six meter police open three engine sixty five days a year i even attended a christmas eve night swim nastier glow sticks included and his heated to an almost uncomfortable twenty eight degrees those in east london can head to london failed lie died similarly sized the santa doesn't get a dip sorry santa the seventime lighter oh in inverted commas is a small section of a seventime lake in hyde park and is home to the second time that swimming club the oldest in britain famed for that christmas day swim for members only at finally tooting back lighter the bam off of outdoor swimming belts by unemployed locals in the 1930s who just kept on digging this poll is ninety meters long and thirty meters wide and can hold one million gallons of water making it the largest outdoor freshwater poll in europe.

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