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Just trying to live up to the standard that he sat and now we're we're doing our Bassett I mean the the NBA evoked continues to evolve in terms of You know how many teams that are you know in our league now that we have a G. Regan and a salary cap and you know so many different factors than you know back in nineteen eighty but I think all for the health of the game. I'll it's healthy all right. Well I hope you guys get to complete the season I really do because this was a great one in you have many great ones ahead of you all your dog. A sweet dog. Loris will thank you so much for taking your time. We know you're busy. And and here's the deal. Not For me to talk about comedy comedy. Because we met you week we got to you through Let's let's do got to do through Jeff? Die AND JEFF IS SAID. Who's a friend of ours in and also knows his sports great like so funny and and he is like she loves comedy she. I think she knows who we are. He's like yes she knows you didn't show on. Espn classic called cheap seats where we made fun of all games forever. So if you're in the sports industry you have to know who we are but like we're sitting there going like how that's insane that she would know who we are. Will it actually makes sense? Especially if you like homework you have to win. This all gets dealt with you have to. Here's what we're GONNA do. You'RE GONNA come see US do standup set. And then you me Randy. Jeff Dyer are going to go to Dan. Tana's needs stakes late all old school. I love data that I had senior data. Dan Tana's like that to me is like if I walked in and he wasn't there I was like wait. What's going on Dr Busek? What's your level comedy? Did you just were you around it or you're just a fan of it or have you gone out and seen a lot of comedy. I you know I I truly appreciate Schumer in and I'm very shy and I you know I'm it's hard for me to do any kind of public speaking I really. I really like try to stay on chromatic because it's hard on me but I realized that if I can be a little bit more funny and I could get laughs but it it it really kind of calms my nerves and and you know allows people to be more open. And I and I found that humor really allows you to broach highness sensitive subjects and be able to work through things and you know that kind of led me to like really appreciating. Stand up comedy because I think there's no more vulnerable place for a person to be that onstage and to talk about the things that that you know they fear or they that are on their mind and You know it's I just think everybody you know can can benefit from being a little bit. Funnier our sense of humor When a approaching things? That are terrifying. That's the best way to handle it. But it's so funny 'cause like sports like basketball. It's every premise. You put out to an audience. It's like you're putting up a shot and you hope it goes and you hope it comes close if it airs and you have an airball. The audience not laughing is like them chanting. Airball which is ripped dreyer slow. It is but you know you gotta put yourself out there you again. Jordan said you make zero percent of the shots you don't take and so you have to take those shots and it's throw your annual throw yourself like athletes we've talked to a lot of athletes before and say it's similar you put yourself in the fire every night doesn't matter what you've done you know any tight like we've walked onstage talked about this before too we've had we've been doing comedy for thirty years. We've killed big rooms like huge arenas of people we've done massive shows we've done. Tv shows everything Two months ago we had to go up at the comedy store in tests asset that we were doing for Conan. O'brien shows we had adjust to a TV set which you know in a nightclub is sometimes restrictive and we did that set on Conan two nights later killed so it went wealth or proud of it but two nights before we go to backstage at the comedy store in the main room. And WHO's on stage with Joe Rogan now? Joe rogan fantastic. But the whole crowd was there to see him. The show was thirty minutes late. He was supposed to go for comics earlier but he turns out he was going right before us. There is no host so as soon as he finishes it said everyone in that room is like Don. They don't WanNa hear another word from another human being. Joe Rogan is not meant to be followed period. All right so he gets introduces. Us does a nice intro which no one could give a shit about us. We Walk onstage and we have to do this set now you know maybe it would have been smarter prestigious crowd first and then do this EPA. Were like we got so we get on stage. And we'd be this said and it we eat it it. It's like throwing upside Grizz and we're like wait. Are we funding anymore? What the hell were so mad. It's so hard. We're freaking out. We know so much that we went up stairs into the belly room at the Communist. Or which is the tiny room upstairs and there was another show going on. We're like we. We gotta get on the show just to like cleanse. What just happened down there? It's like staying in the gym and shooting. Your for eleven in the first half of the coach is those keeps shooting and then you make four shots all right. I'm fine may just need to lake sink a few and so we went upstairs and did the said and I was so funny. One of the microphones wasn't working so I'm like holding it like this and we did. The Senate was great and we walked out of there going like okay. Thank God but there is but that is the danger of doing that. And that's the high wire. Act that professional athletes and you know. Special COMEDIANS. Walk. Every time we go out there is like it could fall in that. Is THE PEOPLE. Enjoy watching that too. 'cause they're like can you sustain it up there? She's a blast and I. It's like I miss going to comedy clubs again. When is that GONNA COME BACK? Just a vaccine. It'll come back when there's a vaccine and we can all can hang out again and if that's the worst case scenarios it comes back in the spring and which would be a bummer next spring. But you know I look forward to that because for us again not to bring it back to sports but so much of it is. It's US going to the comedy store. It's US standing in the hallway behind the original room and talking to neal Brennan and seeing Dave Chapelle. Just walk in and you know talking all of our friends. Who are you know? Seeing Jeff Diet Talking Anderson Tina and talking about the boss Jeff Ross and just gagging around going in the kitchen and doing bits like that is the whole night. Then you go up on stage and you have your set for fifty minutes. And that's a joy because you're just happy that you're even up in this line of people maybe your name on the Marquee and that's why people are coming in and that feels good but the camaraderie with the teammates with your with your crew with the other comedians. The other professionals that is equally as fun as doing it for the fans and doing it for the people so we miss it too. We miss it too. I love that you're into comedy. I love it you know. It's like I ended up doing to take a comedy class in doing an open mic. And how was that? Was that was that. It's like one of those things that I'm glad I did it. And you know and learning to write your own material like I went to class called pretty funny women and it's for women to to learn to to do stand up and you know again not all are going to be standing meetings but we can all use it in our lives. Whatever we do as a profession and you know even if you're a parent having a sense of humor is good with your kids too so it you know it's it's something That like I said it just I really admire.

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