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Sleep in a bats up there. All tools. And so for me social media. I just went through very challenging postpartum period. And my pregnancy was a breeze, but my postpartum was brutal. And I remember posting about it on Instagram. And I was like, okay. Like, I need help. Like, I am in pain, physical pain, emotional pain. I had no idea that this was going to be so hard, and they were sharing their tools and their tips and tricks and just making me feel less alone. And in that moment, I was like, wow. This really can be a beautiful thing. Some very grateful that it exists. But I think that we have to be careful and know that it's a powerful tool. Am I think social media, and I've been thinking about this a lot lately, we just had Cal Newport on the show who wrote a book called digital minimalism and. I have to say cow more than a lot of people has really made me rethink things that I have sort of long held cherished beliefs about I had like this real Piff Anini here the company, which is that I'm not being productive enough. And it's like your analogy of all those windows being opened their minimize, but they're open. I think that's so powerful. And it was the way that you said that they're minimized that made me think he had that is exactly what's happening like they're not sort of consciously aware that they're open. But when I think about all the little things dripping on my mind, just pulling it just enough attention, and it I think social media is super powerful. I think that it's a total game changer, certainly changed my life. And I've seen it impact a lot of people super positively. But not understanding how to give it a time in space. I think is where certainly where I was going wrong. And the fact that I would check my phone, in fact, Harpreet was talking about this. He said that the average person touches their phone one hundred fifty times a day, which is once every six minutes. And it's like if you just just hearing that like once every six minutes that you're doing something anything it. You're just breaking the cycle. You're never able to do that deep work. You're never able to really like go into something. And that was that is precisely why I think that your book is so important that meditation is so critical that people learn how to do this. Is it creates that space for people to go deep? It starts closing those windows. And I think maybe one of the most important things it gives people a trained ability to oh, I'm in the sympathetic nervous system. I'm going to now rapidly get into the para sympathetic. Do you take culture cultures? I do like a forty five seconds at the end. Hey, we'll count it s Motassedeq. So the interesting thing to me about cold showers is the it creates massive sense of urgency. Like, my body is like get the fuck out of the cold water. It is like screaming it, no matter. How? Many times. I do it. I ended same sense of urgency. Oh, thanks saying that 'cause I keep saying it's going to easier, but it's not for me. And but what has gotten easier because I meditate I'm like, oh, I know how to stop this. I can immediately downshift the letting go that you talk about I can I haven't yet used a mantra trust me after reading your book..

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