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Now she's on tour over the world with Tommy hilfiger, g Hadid collection. Incredible. And with the fragrance, right? And other people starting to think that way in the idea to go to the next to me that is the fun of the business today. Right because I liked to be disruptive. I like to be breakthrough. And I like to do what the competition doesn't do and be ahead of your head. How much the team work how much it's all about. It's all about the people, you need incredible people who believe in you and believe in what you wanna do and are passionate and want to. I I need these people to bring me ideas. Also. Right. And when I give them an idea, I want them to take my in make it even better, of course. So it's it's all about teamwork. Yes. You rub double. I mean, you just listed off the who's who of everyone that everyone wants to be people that have Warner close people that have been admirers people that have been part of your journey. I was actually signed to Tommy Mottola, actually. So he into Leah. You know, we're literally like stepparents in New York almost to me right when he was running CASA Blanca right next door to the Louis Vuitton store on on on on the avenue. And you know, what's the best piece of advice that you receive? Leave from all of these people whether you even from gee-gee now or Tommy or Quincy Jones. Yes. Tommy, and I very close because. Tommy ni-. Actually, we live next to each other. Okay. We see each other every day. Okay. So in a we we're we're good. We're good balance to each other. But Tommy's got a lot of experience in the music world yet from Araya to ta- Leah too. I mean. He. Yeah. He found jaylo. Yes. Ricky martin. Yes. Gloria Estefan, and he ran Michael Jackson's life for a long time. Yeah. So Tommy gives me a lot of advice on how important it is to stay true to yourself because that was the advice he would give to Mariah the that's what he did the advice he gave to Lia in helping her become. Arguably the number one. Blatt and superstar in the world. Yes, stay true to yourself believe in what you believe in don't sway from it and milk it while you can make hay while the sun for sure so I mean, it's Tommy's a genius when it comes to business and music and celebrity, and we're partners and businesses together. And I look up to him for a lot of advice and then to Leah. I mean, she's an entity onto ourselves. Yes. Yes. She is. It's it's a great relationship with. That's amazing. Would you if you if you had to give advice to the entrepreneurs that are listening, would you would you would you just pass that advice through be true to yourself? I that's the advice. I give to other people. Well, because I do believe in it. But Tommy solidified it in a way that came from the viewpoint of hitmaker. Right. Someone who made hits. Yes. And I'm saying it through the advice of fashion person. So, you know, the two things I love in my life are fashioned music yet. So if I take the fashion advice from myself, right? And I take the music advice from Tom. It happens to be the same because it dovetails while that's amazing of if you could trade jobs. This is the last question we ask everyone who's who's on who's on the show if you could trade jobs anyone in the world. Would you trade? That would be very hard one way has I love what I do. Sure. I mean, I wake up every morning excited about doing what I do. Because. No two days ever. Like, right. I'm thinking about what we do for next fashion show now, but dream up this crazy incredible unbelievable idea, and I have a bunch of people execute a variety, and we went to a T..

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