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Fox channel four action news call So thirty six years ago today. And bob geldof was Nominated by somebody from. He thinks she said norway's parliament for nobel peace prize. I don't think you want but hey Back in the day. When i don't know we could get a billion or so. People watching a rock concert was a great show. Yes bob geldof boomtown rats. Tamra chance in the chat room. Got it so one of those memories from wait thirty six years old. Aren't i thought. I'd throw that in for some flavor today. Here we are wearing a much different world right and for the last few days. We've been talking about monopolies and antitrust and the fact that we have these antitrust laws That have not been enforced for forever. So we've dealt with the subject a lot over the last week or so. We had math stoler on the program last wednesday I had cord. Dr o back yesterday and zephyr teach out who wrote a very important piece for the nation that i'll tell you about in just a moment On friday afternoon. I mean she it up there fast because it was time sensitive because again joe biden delivered a speech so on friday and i played for you portions of it. He went on about how we need to encourage competition. We need to stop with these corporate monopolies. We need to start protecting the little guy like you and me. And it's about time to give us the advantage for once over the billionaires and we haven't even gotten into space launches yet and. I don't know that we will if we have time. I'll let you know what i think about that. But you can probably guess by the fact that i haven't even talked about it yet but anyway so i immediately when i heard the news of the know the biden executive order and read zephyr teach outs peace in the nation. I reached out to her. Now i i met zephyr teach out got to be a dozen years or so ago It was before she ever ran for office. It was before she was kind of a household name in a rock star in the political world but she was always an activist and i met her through a group of activists. No she used to come on the air with me on air america radio and thankfully once she blew up and became a superstar me. She's she's always very nice and accommodating. She how was really busy. She fit me in. And i've got to apologize because the the audio is not the best but i think i tweaked it so you can hear it anyway. Quick interview with zephyr. Teach out. But i wanted to hear her on the subject of Monopolies and the antitrust laws and joe biden's executive order and what we talked about With corey dr. O as a big fucking deal well zephyr teach out believes it is to here. We go at that. Does zephyr teach out is with us. Now we've spoken a few times over the years Going back a number of years. And i've been thrilled to see zephyr take on larger roles a couple of time Candidate are we going to see you. Run for office again. Maybe i'm not planning on it. I'm enjoying us supporting amazing candidates stuff. Hokey issues i got to i understand. Well zephyr teach out of the reason that i invited her to join us. Today is because of a piece. You wrote for the nation friday afternoon on friday. I was thrilled to see. Joe biden. issue this huge executive order. Basically breaking up or or monopolies trying to give the consumer an advantage for the first time probably in my lifetime You wrote a piece at the nation. Joe biden just threw down the monopoly. Ma anti-monopoly gauntlet but one big question remains First of all. Thank you for writing this. I thought i thought this is a huge deal. I thought i'd it everywhere over the weekend i were. You surprised. it didn't get more coverage. I thought it'd be wall to wall. Actually got out of agents. And you know without being too speculative I do think this is an area. Where substance trump communications Because this really worked executive. End up coming out on a friday afternoon in the middle of So.

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