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It did. And that's what fighters do when they use when they use the real, when they know how to use distance and range, where you control range where you separate yourself enough where the other guy has to come to you, he's got to get up that hill. You have an edge. That just doesn't last long, just last for two or three punches. Maybe one second where you get those punches off before you close the guy, then it's up to you to get up that hill again. To stay up there and keep that edge, so he never fully gets up the hill. I think that's a great analogy. That's what bob boser did for 8 rounds. 7 rounds, 7 full rounds he did, but then finally, I gave credit to Barbosa for following his game plan. I got to give credit to my man pedraza from following his, because his, it didn't look like it at the beginning because he was losing those rounds, but his was to keep pressure, keep it up, keep it up, keep it up until it finally. What do I say all the time? Pressure breaks pipes. Pressure breaks people. Pressures like on a July day. I wanted to use that dollar night. On a July day where you got a little puddle out there, Ken, right? Laying out there on the asphalt. You got a little water out there. And it's hot. And all of a sudden a puddle starts to evaporate. Right in front of the eyes. And then you come back 30 minutes later, there's no puddle. That's what pressure to fight does. And that's what pedras was hoping would happen. And he stuck to it. Does son of a gun he's a real pro. He's stuck to his plan. He kept the pressure on for 7 rounds, 8, and in the 8th round, the puddles started to evaporate. Yep, Barbosa started to crackle. He started to crack a little bit, and he started to get to him, and it became really, really interesting, but rather started to have his way a little bit. But what really made it a really interesting terrific fight was you gotta peek as I often say. You know, you want to look at the card to race cars, great. You know, you look at both like a car, the tires, everything looks great, you know, it's running good, you know, but you want to pick up the hood and you want to make sure that the carburetor and everything is there for the long haul. You'll want to make sure it's got the goods under the hood. Guess what? The hood got lifted in the 8th round and Barbosa showed that he's got the goods. He did what I often talk about again. Not just showed he knew how to fight like a champion. He knew how to behave like a champion. Even more important. He knew how to behave like a champion. And he did. He behaved like a champion. And what did he do? He lost that round there. You know, he started having trouble, but he made it decision. Very smart. Where in the commentators didn't really touch on this, but he made it decision and good. I'm just saying that for my viewpoint, I can only see it from my viewpoint. The comments that I would make is that he'd been boxing all night long, being on top of the hill, controlling range, catch and pedraza, before he could get close to him. Now he realized it was kind of like those old western movies. When the Indians started to come to the fort and you got to hold the fort and they're starting to come over the wall. You got a man a wall. You got a man to wall and you gotta have people on that wall. That's kind of what bother did. He said, they're coming to take the fort, but droughts is looking to really overrun this fight. I got to put men on the wall and instead of continuing to move backwards and retreat and give up ground. He would have got run over. He would have gotten run over. But instead, he meant the fort. He stood with him. He stood with him. A lot of people would have said, oh, I'm not so sure about that. He was sure about it. He behaved like a champion. Can he knew that he had to make a stand? If he kept moving, the way that for the first 7 rounds, he would have gotten caught because as it was going backwards, it was common with great confidence now, great speed now. And he would have caught him. He would have caught him going backwards and in spiral would have continued. The momentum would have continued and pedras his way and put browser would have started to dominate the fight. That's what would have happened. But he's stood. He locked in. He grabbed the floor and he stood there. And in front of, and that is one of fight for him. Then later on, he was able to go back and spot to a little bit of, you know, being on top of the hill separate himself, getting a little bit of distance and looking account. But he had to make enough of his stand,

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