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To counter brown now a race towards tremendous goal for sex crime of the maple leafs at his toronto police forward zach hyman doing something embarrassing to the boston bruins good work zack he's twenty five years old grew up in toronto loving hockey now he gets to play for his hometown team he's living the dream but it turns out zach has another passion as well he loves writing so much so he's actually a published author he writes children's books like the magician secret which is out now as you're gonna hear while his new book has nothing to do with hockey zach hyman still found a way to draw inspiration from his own life have a listen zakheim and welcome to q thanks it's a pleasure to be here yemen you do a lot of interviews they're usually the locker room is it weird to be fully dressed the not sweating and on a national art show right now this is part of the offseason like you said we used to just coming off the ice and you're sweating and you're trying to catch your breath and you're feeling a million questions so this is a nice change yeah nice relaxing pace here i have i alluded to alluded to it just now in the intro that i have two passions comedy and cooking those are the two things that drove me for a couple of decades so people always ask me this i'm gonna ask you to what came first your love of hockey or your love of writing i think hockey's always been something that i've i've loved and as a kid you always want wanna be outside and you want to be playing sports and i was always thought guy so i'd always remember being young always running around my parents put a hockey stick my hand on before i could even walk i think i have a picture of it so it's funny but at the same time.

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