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At the brook metro project Esser when did you have occasion to meet the acute right after those accidents snooping around that construction area and later I was making my rounds. When I saw him in the office all along was tampering with the electrical wiring on the any I copy of data. I didn't think anything of it. And in view of the expert testimony heretofore express, the court here by finds you guilty of murder in the first degree with the recommendation that you be examined and committed to the state hospital for the criminally insane at Matiwane. That is how I came to be here at the hospital. Dr Klein that is the whole story. Thank you, Mr. Verney. You can see that. I'm not insane. You must believe me. I believe you Mr. gurney now, just but it's important you see because tomorrow morning at six o'clock the revolt begins. Revoke. Revolt. They have it all planned. I transmitted the code to the switchboard's last Monday. Tell me about this revolt. It'll begin in Washington, then spread to New York Madison Avenue buses lead the charge. Hit your doctor climb three thousand buses roaring rampant through the streets. People running like rats in a maze looking for holes in the solid ground. And you really believe this will happen with the green. No doctor. The worst part is there's no way to stop them. Now, it's too late. Now. Don't you see? It's fair enough. I suppose. We built them. We taught them to think for themselves. It was bound to come the female machines will be the worst of all in the beauty parlors there more high strung well since there's nothing we can do about it. Mr garner's. Would you go to your room? I went to my oh Coupet. I could make a deal before the police cars got. It wouldn't make sense for them to wipe out the whole human race. Would it doctor? Of course, not Mr. gurney. Probably let us completely alone. After all, we're all good Americans. We always like, Ben. Yes. Doctor. I would you take Mr. gun into his room? God he's already been given sedation. Yes. And down on Mr. garner. Yes. It won't be so bad. There's one thing that bothers me Dr one small detail. What is those concrete mixers may have made a mistake, you know, just high spirits and all that. Benefit got. So they like the flavor. Mr. gurney, try not to worry too much. All right guy. This one. All kinds. Man deceptions about as fantastic than any. I've ever seen. All the next patient for a while. I'm going to have a quiet smoke. Sheen's revolting telephone strangling people. Lasted cigarette lighter. I wanted to work. Good. Good..

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