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On saturday april fourteenth nineteen eighty-four. In cahiers sabine in county kerry ireland a local man jack griffin was out for a jog on white strand fees when he saw what looked like a doll wedged between the rocks in a plastic back. It was the body of a newborn baby. Boy he had been strangled. His neck was broken and his tiny body had twenty eight stab wounds. Four of them were in his heart. The baby was about five days old born on or about the seventh of april and had been dead for two days the irish police known as the gardy recalled and they in turn called the undertaker. Tom carnitine when he arrived tom. Cruise into the baby with water from a nearby freshwater stream. He placed him in a small casket and gave him a name john. The gardy suspected the baby's mother specifically an unmarried mother perhaps a teenage girl or woman who was having an affair with a married man in catholic ireland in the early eighties. Abortion was illegal as was divorce condoms were only available with a prescription and birth control. Pills were only prescribed to married women. Both were difficult to obtain any sex education or lack thereof was laid out by the church. Young unmarried woman found herself pregnant. Her parents could send her away to a church. Run home where she would have her baby in secret and then the nuns would take it away for adoption. Irish women few options could use. Evine was a small town in police. Knew that someone with no something. They questioned women all over town even physically examining some of them for signs of a recent pregnancy before long. They found a suspect joanne hayes. Joanne hayes was a twenty five year old single mother who lived roughly forty miles away. In abbey dorney north kerry. She had recently been pregnant but wasn't anymore and no one had seen a baby. Joanne worked as a receptionist at a gym. It was there that she met the father of her children. Jeremiah block jeremiah. Was married with children so joe am lived with her daughter. Her mother her aunt and her siblings on the family farm. She hid the pregnancy and by april. Her relationship with jeremiah was over joanne. Hayes told police that she gave birth alone on april twelfth but her baby died shortly after she then buried the infant on her family's farm. Burials like this were common as babies who were born out of wedlock or weren't baptized. Were not permitted to be buried in consecrated ground. Babies like joannes received home. Burials after this traumatic birth joanne needed medical attention and it was through the hospital that these authorities discovered her as the guardian interrogated joann. She begged and pleaded insisting that if they would just allow her to show them her baby's grave on the farm. She could prove that she was not responsible for baby john. They refused

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