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And interim transit President Sarah Feinberg says the empty A is offering masks to commuters who don't have one when they enter the system, including those who rely on buses this week. We're starting a program where we will have a mask dispensers in buses. This is a pilot program. We'll see how it goes. Homemade mask dispensers thanks to our innovative minds at buses allow folks who board the bus and do not have a mask with them to take a mask. We'll see how that pilot program goes. And if it if it goes well, we'll obviously expand it regarding trains Mask civil already been available at station booths to try to ensure social distancing rolls, and they're now being Again headed out on trains. School administrators across New Jersey You're asking parents to build up mask endurance among their youngsters before the start of the new academic year, with several district set to require near constant mask used to mitigate Corona virus concerns. Acting Summit Superintendent Robert Cardella suggest moms and dads But they're kids used to them now before they're in hallways and classrooms, he says. Look for reusable, washable face coverings your child is comfortable wearing it gradually lengthened the amount of time I can tolerate them. It's 8 11 sports is next. And now a game of commercial chicken brought to you by progressive where we see how long flow could go without talking about insurance. Ready. Go. Hey, um Yes, we should talk about something. How's thie? Vermicelli game in your town. Got any good Vietnamese restaurants Vermicelli. Oh, it's a noodle. Very good drivers Switch to progressive.

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