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Nick last year during trump's campaign and they had a white nationalist rally she showed up and there is a picture of her doing the nazi hansel i believe like what but how do you go from one extreme to the other like that's we'll talk about that later when we talk about on your west good point good point yeah yeah speaking of facts interest in nobody wants to wanting to listen to them malcolm jenkins i'm not watching the nfl this year didn't watch it last year like i said the only football i will be watching you can't actually use your hands and there's a lot of running involved that's the only football i'll be watching shot up to the world cup which starts this week by the way malcolm jenkins is now my new favorite football players since they've blackballed cabinet even though they won't admit it and it's going to come out in court they actually colluded did that he held up signs during the press time during the interviews you know when people started asking him about different things you know because the eagles decided that a lot of them weren't gonna go to the white house and donald trump being the egomaniac he is say what you went invited no way yeah okay whatever ninety so they add of course they're going to ask malcolm jenkins who's one of the top football players on that team on his safety they're going to ask him how he feels about stuff and he held up signs that said you aren't listening that was one of the signs and that's the truth they aren't listening like they have completely co opted what the original message of the kneeling was and tried to make it something that wasn't what they prefer and so once i said you aren't listening another scientist more than sixty percent of people in prison are people of color black brown asian.

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