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Baxter's of the device i guess well because does that open them up to lawsuits from the people who are wrongly convicted from their machine not performing the way it should now i don't know perhaps that but i can see that's why they would be nervous no i totally understand why they would be nervous about it but it's a shame that it got to this point a lot a lot of thing yeah went wrong along the way between the manufacturer and the washington state patrol saying now let's get him out there we got we got work to do yeah and i don't understand why the the software and this should be so proprietary you're just analyzing you know alcohol content breath why should that should be open sourced so other people can look at it and say oh no you screwed up here you screwed up there let's let's fix this let's fix that it seems like more is on this problem would be better less in it doesn't seem like that's really is a point of you know like a business practice that they really need to protect it's like okay let's everybody have the most great the you know at least the best software that we can have for this one problem the business side of it could come from having better sensors instead of just better software and it seems as though from this article that there are not very many suppliers of these devices when one of the things one of the things they pointed out was that they put this out to bid and this this german company were really the only ones who bid on it so market opportunity exactly there's a lack of competition in the breathalyzer industry so there's there's an opportunity for you well let's start open breath open breath.

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