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The whole interview. Aegis seemed it did. It was just disconnected. Even listening to that clip is like what was he even. I don't know what's well. I think what he was trying to say. Is that this mind virus where everyone's like holy crap. We're all GONNA die. I mean it's not just like something that happened. Accidentally it came from somewhere and has been enhanced a gain of function amplified by the mainstream media and he says you know how how do we. How do we stop that? Well that's basically what globalism does. And what it wants agree would would your. You should have been on the show back on the show. Yes I have not been invited. You will be this gone a couple of other things going on a couple of cases in the White House. Yes so this is play the Nora on new cases. This is a big deal tonight. Another White House staffer this time. A top aide to the vice president has tested positive for corona virus. Katie Miller the press secretary to Vice President Pence is now the second confirmed case tied to the West Wing after a valet who serves the president's meals tested positive on Wednesday Miller is married to Stephen Miller. One of the president's senior advisors and tonight her test is raising questions about whether the White House is doing enough to distance the president and vice president from for his part. President Trump told reporters today. The whole concept of tests aren't great because they're his words and he said he's convinced the virus will just go away without a vaccine his own advisers have said. That's not true. Look let's go go away by itself. Which is seems to be the case with all these previous events you know from bird. Flu Flying Everywhere. Yeah I'll buy and I'm my point. People say well why would it go away? It's going to come back and say what about SARS didn't come back SARS. We never got an immunity to SARS murders here. We never got immunity to merge and then he's just throwing it hub oil. Just throw that in for. No reason could really rub your other stupid day. So Norris says at the end that he president says he's GonNa be it's GonNa go away and but his advisors say it's not W- how do they know doesn't matter no. It's not going to go away what. Why does this advisors no more than he does? Because it's it's a crap shoot? You don't know it's going to go away or it's not going to go. There's no proof one way or the other but she wants trump to go away. So that's it has to report this way. You're talking now just this to new cases in White House. Just continue to report. Oh but wait. There's more news that one of the vice president's closest aides Katie Miller tested positive for the virus delayed. Mr Pence's scheduled trip to Iowa. Miller was not on board Air Force to but six staffers who had recent exposure to her had to be removed Katie. She tested thirty good for a long period of time and then all of a sudden today. She tested positive. Doesn't matter what you do with trump. You're the top. You're the best tested better than anybody else for negative. She was just the best negative. I mean when it comes to testing Katie. You couldn't have a better when you. You could not have a better person to be tested. Katie a long period of time and then all of a sudden today. She tested positive. She hasn't come into contact with me. Spend some time with the vice. President Miller is with the vice president nearly every day. Her husband is senior. Presidential aide. Stephen Miller president trump attended their wedding in February held at trump's Washington hotel despite the potential which by the way is a great hotel. It's one of the best hotels it truly. If you WANNA test you want the number one test you're going to do it. The Best Hotel. That's where that's hey. We don't mess around trump Washington hotel even put it in the story. That's why I have to bring it up. Despite the potential exposure Mr pens did not wear a mask while in Iowa. We also know that president trump was in the same room as his personal White House Valet on Tuesdays Valet tested positive for corona virus. Today the president still addressed a group of World War veterans at A. VA ceremony without wearing a mask. The wind was blowing so hard. It's such a direction that have the plague orig- them might be surprised. The President says he's now being tested every day and so far as negative but doctors say that may be a false sense of security somebody could become infected be incubating the virus and test negative every day including yesterday then this morning become infectious still feel fine and spread it to other people before the next test shows that they are in fact infected bastard. I'm I'm glad that that report at least contained a little bit of V. E. Day which was completely ignored by the American media. I believe you pointed that out in the newsletter essay did but it was also very odd to see in the in the Netherlands which was liberated on on May fifth but a May fourth. They have at eight o'clock. This is actually very unique to the Netherlands eight. Pm On may fourth all traffic stops. Everyone is quiet and they told the bill have a moment of silence. Two minutes two minutes and everyone is completely silent. And I've been in the Netherlands where it was eight o'clock and on the highway people stopped just stopped on the highway and then waited some God out and then everyone waited for two minutes of silence and they got in the drove off to the this ceremony has been going on. Since the end of World War Two and having the the troops the Yanks and the Brits coming through in their jeeps it was the flags. It was such a joyous occasion. None of it all just quiet. No one on the street. They're not parties. And this is this past by. I think it's a shame how quietly that passed by because of all this. I don't think it's because of all this. I think it was in spite of all this. They could've done anything. They could have made a little presentation on the news or anything instead of all. Just an nonsense of doing about how Miller was married at the trump hotel. There was very little mention of it by. I mean trump did this little ceremony but the media just dropped data and WanNa talk anything about anything. That's patriotic well. No I don't WanNa do it. They'd rather amy rather brag about the big science talking about how many dead or from trump. Yeah the thing is again. A Chinese influence Chinese. Do not want the America's a Chinese by the web and watching C. G. T. V. Whatever it is they Chinese outlet constantly. And they're the most of the globalists' are actually coming out of China. Nowadays because the Chinese actually think they have the opportunity to only be ver- globalist world but for them to run the thing. And so a nationalist event like Vide which is a nationalist event. Because we beat Hitler of all people and Nationalists. Event is is reframed upon and meteorologist paid. Okay we'll play it up. We don't even mention it. I don't think have to win by. You're so right though and I think we can't hammer to nothing. We should probably reiterate its CCP. Chinese Communist Party. I don't know many Chinese people. I'm sure they're just like us. I'm sure that they're they're in deeper crap than we are with these a holes running. The show is a cool video from some Chinese guy. Chinese American Guy That I put in the show notes and it's the history of China. Actually it's called. I saw that is very. It's called the story of how China ruined everything and it's thirty minutes and it's it's pretty good. I mean it's not complete and easy to skip over five thousand years here there but I was very impressed with that and you'll learn something from it. It's worth it's worth watching. Pompeo is also out on the road. Also a speaking out against China out just before I wanted to just mention one thing because These clips about the infections in the White House that dig depresses Giddy over this. Because they're hoping gadget. Yeah they want but you know we can't. We can't forget this one element that we must remember this one element. Trump is a Germaphobe. Yeah and he is the likelihood of getting it based on some of the earlier reports that we've had on how you do get it never gonna get it. Unless he kisses somebody with it which is always possible pump. We know for sure that this is Actually context CNBC's the financial news channel. We know for sure that this virus originated in China and that the disease around the world the Chinese Communist Party covered this up we have been working diligently and are working diligently today to get the Chinese Communist Party to help us identify patients zero where this began how this came to be. This isn't about politics isn't about partisanship this about protecting Americans tomorrow. This is an ongoing crisis. Are The world's epidemiologists still. Don't know the originals of this virus the reason that we continue to ask for transparency and for a reliable partner in China's because it matters going forward so not only do we have this current pandemic. That's taking place that we still have to figure out how to get therapeutics and vaccines to market all the things that we need this information. That only the Chinese Communist Party has in its possession ended the only ones that can help the world resolve this today and for our American security but we gotta make sure. This doesn't happen again so I think this is very interesting. If True T. saying that we can't even make the vaccine without pertinent key information that China is not handing over. I don't know if it's true. But he saying it and there should be questioned about. Hey Fao cheat or hey bill Dr Bill Doctor Professor Bill. Yeah that Seattle. Maybe but but here's here's attack. They're not using yet. Which I think could be used and I think I think pompeo could do it well and it would be used. As leverage to Chinese cases of corona have dropped to nothing. What are they know that? That's a very good way of doing a.

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