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Details in the Kloss kidnapping case Lon, Jack Callaghan, Fox News. I will set bail at five million dollars. Judge Jake Patterson's first court appearance Monday as he was charged with murder and kidnapping horrifying. Details. Of the case being revealed. Police say twenty one year old Jake Paterson admitted to killing James and Denise clause on October fifteenth. So he can get his hands on their thirteen year old daughter Jamie, the criminal complaint indicates Patterson blasted through the front door of the class home with a shotgun. Killed Jamie's father James close in the doorway as he was trying to protect his family than Patterson hunted through the house until he found, Jamie. And her mother Denise hiding in the bathtub boxes. Matt fan reports. Police say Patterson drainage dragged, Jamie Kloss out of the house after shooting. Her mother to death in front of her court. Filing says Patterson just happened to spot close getting out of school bus one morning. The began plotting to take her partial federal government shutdown stretching into a twenty fifth day seems to be. Total impasse with no talks scheduled. Neither the president nor congressional Democrats seemingly ready to budge I urge my friend leader McConnell to allow vote on the house passed legislation to reopen. The government seems to be the only way out right now. Senate democrat leader Chuck Schumer that measure would fund the closed agencies temporarily Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell again declining Iowa Steve king, a fifteen year veteran Republican congressman has been banished from all committee assignments over remarks made about white nationalism and white supremacy Republican party believes wholeheartedly in our constitution that all men and women are created equal. Then we will stand up for that. Anytime we see somebody say something different Republican leader. Kevin McCarthy, congressman king says his remarks were mischaracterized Iran has tried but failed to launch a satellite, which the US said would have been part of a missile guidance system. Iran says the rocket.

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