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K. D WFAN. Good morning. I'm John Shafer fifty year old former police detective in mosquitoes pleaded guilty in federal court in Utah in a teenage sex case Gary Erickson of bunkerville, avoided trial with us plea on Monday to charge of crossing state lines to engage in illicit sexual conduct Ericsson is expected to face up to five years in prison. He was arrested in September of last year after the parents of a fifteen year old Saint George boy, contacted police about photos. The team had been exchanging with Ericsson to eighteen year olds pleaded not guilty to robbery and murder charges in the shooting death of a sixty year old laws Vegas woman who police say arrived home with her husband to find the teens burglarizing their house Kamari college and Tyron mullet remain jailed without bail pending. Another court appearance, July, twenty fourth Mexico's beginning deployment of its new national guard for immigration enforcement. The six thousand strong force as part of an agreement with the US to head off threatened American tariffs on Mexican imports. Mexican officials say guard members deployed near Mexico's southern border with Guatemala will register migrants offer them options for regularizing their immigration status in return, those who don't want to register. Another deployment is going to the border with the United States to attend to migrants who have been returned to Mexico while their asylum. Claims are processed in US courts, I'm Mike Kemp. And former assemblywoman Victoria semen was elected to represent war to on Las Vegas city council semen received more than thirty nine percent of the votes cast to defeat seven other challengers, all vying for a seep it became available after councilman. Steve sirocco resigned in early March. Usually Jon Stewart uses strong words to move people to laughter, but during an appearance on Capitol Hill yesterday, Stewart used strong words in an effort to move congress to shame the comedian scolded lawmakers for failing to make sure there would always be money for a fund set up to help nine eleven responders who have been sick and behind me. Filled room nine eleven first responders. And in front of me. A nearly empty congress. Sick and dying brought themselves down here speak. No one. Shameful? Embarrassment to the country. And it is a stain on this institution. Stewart has been a staunch advocate for nine eleven responders and speaking to the House Judiciary committee Stewart's that it was an embarrassment to the country that few lawmakers were there to hear from sick and dying first responders on their families. Bombmakers from both parties said they support the Bill and we're monitoring the hearing amid other congressional business.

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