Slidell, Louisiana discussed on The Majority Report with Sam Seder


Of course we were inspired by the black panthers we supported the black panthers we hadn't thought of arming ourselves um and um weather underground you know only different group underground uh only they weren't much and two guns it was more bombs right and uh kind of a a show more than um a you know real any kind of real terrorism um but we uh you know they weren't up we research has gone miles from louisiana none whatsoever except building an arsenal but an arsenal the definition of an arsenal is more than fifty done uh accumulated four two committed crime so you know almost no one um uh qualifies for that except maybe for local mafia gangs got as i can see a radically i guess that is only something you could be arrested for in retrospect right i mean wait until you can grime i mean you're not gonna say right that's why we had these but yes and the federal restrictions including on conquering state line and my thanks go um there were still on automatic weapon ban man uh but we really had nothing to worry about and uh we went to their gun shows every weekend um several and the areas so we went to run in slidell and uh this became our main um place to purchase guns absolutely we'll there were no background checks and even the regular grand stores but uh you could get cheaper gun you could that used um and more on your rifles and shotguns it were very good condition but from individuals a sellers who um charge much less than um and you know in the gun shop but we also started visiting uh in the gun shop and what happened who.

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