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Even though we opposite ways all the time. He'll come around. That's got to be typical, not exceptional. Let me just say how inspiring it is to hear both of you. Describe your desire to do exactly what Madison hoped senators listen to each other and have the country respect and a deliberate way, and thank you for giving us a week and saving the Senate, but Senator you care so deeply about the institution. What happens next, he will be corroborated or exonerated confirmed or not. The partisan passions will be strong and you're retiring, what will do you believe will be the future of the Senate after you're gone and will it? It's institutional Genesee preserved. Before I say that, let me just say, you You know. know, often hear politicians, save my friend over there before they try to get your eyes out. What I look at. Chris truly is my friend and we have traveled a lot. We both spent part of our miss spent youth in in Africa and Kenya, and east Africa and southern Africa. And we've traveled to the region that continent number of times, and we've been chased by elephants in Mozambique. We spent a very memorable four hours with one of the worst dictators, Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. We've, we've been through a lot and that the trust that you develop. Working with each other on issues like that wildlife preservation or is the Darrow or or other issues of that's that's how compromises are possible, and there's less and less of that going on. Memorably a few years ago wanted to prove the Republicans and Democrats get along. So Martin Heinrich and I- marooned ourselves on Pacific island for a week. Discovery Channel came along and filmed it called it rivals for viral. Just gave us a machete between us and that was not really. You can get it on Amazon for two ninety. Nine still. And I think it's still aired under between episodes of naked and afraid we were neither maybe frayed. But we got back and went on David Letterman. Kobe ran a clip of us and said that flake and Heinrich of prove once and for all Republicans and Democrats can get along if death is the only option. So. Unfortunately, that's about where we are, but but we do worry about the future of the Senate. It's always been the body that the rules of the Senate bring together. It's very seldom that one party has sixty votes, and so the the filibuster rules requires. And that's what I like about the Senate. I served twelve years in the house. I'd love the people's house, but the Senate requires and pushes you together. But lately there have been so many things simply drug us apart, and I don't know how we get back. The incentives are all the other way. There are. There's no currency for bipartisanship. If you are act bipartisan, it shows up in your opponent's campaign ads, and we've got to come to a point again where the failure to to compromise. The failure to reach across the aisle, particularly in the Senate is punished the ballot box rather than rewarded. And, and I don't know how we get there, but we, we need to. Chris, if you had to name the three top causes of this polarization, what would they be? What can do to fix it? And what are you going to do after Jeff link is gone. Miss him a lot. So top causes, we don't live together. So we travel back and forth to our home states every week for Delaware. I've traveled back and forth and my home state almost every day. So I'm an exception. But for most of the Senate listening to Joe Biden, my predecessor and asking him how he and John McCain, for example, built a working friendship over decades. Everyone would come in on Monday and stay till Friday and often move their families here and often leave here for long periods of time. So you'd get to know each other as parents at a baseball game or a lacrosse game rather than just as two dimensional cutouts fighting each other on cable. I second..

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