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Did you hear from your bride that this will make fashion choices for the charity preview a little bit more difficult Yes and I'd love to be able to make some announcement on what that's going to be but it'd be just. A little premature but I think. The, odds might. Be pretty good that that a black tie won't be required for certainly for. The charity preview and I and I might add a guy that that's still is a fundamental, part of, this celebration and this week and it's our our intent to make. Every effort to continue to build on that that evening and the dollars that, it raises because that's such an important part, of what we do for our city so it's gonna be exciting whatever format it ends up in but we'll have to reserve more for a little bit later on that, well I know a. Lot of what happens will depend on what the automakers want to. Do with the space. That you offer them, outdoors but having attended l. a. and. Participated in ride and drives and. Things. Like super crews and think where you can actually take technology out and experience it it offers a lot of promise Doug. So, I I know this was not an easy decision and a lot of effort went into it we appreciate that thanks so much guy, were really excited about it and I know we'll have a lot more to talk about here in the very near future all right very good Doug north. Take care we'll see you soon Thank you guys appreciate it very much so I, it, works, for the DA. D. I, think, it's, gonna, work, for, manufacturers. Will get a bigger bang for their buck? I know what's going to work. For journalists who hate coming here in January and my question for you is does it work for..

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