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Please at route 22 Toyota dot com. Charlie Kirk. Weekday afternoons at 12 on AM 9 70 Theater jersey Joe on the radio. Keep it going, big guy. Let's hit the road on the radio baby won't be Buster. You be away. Mm hmm. What happened? Did the player that I was playing it on? Just, you know, decided to shut off its job, but its job I can be blinded by the administrator. Uh, sure. We could do that e mean, You know what? That Chuck Berry saucy? That's right. I learned all about the black. So you're saying the unit that I use is racist. Just say okay. Racist was she's super. But you know, I would listen to all the stones and I learned from Eric Burdon and for Mick Jagger and all those guys. That's how I learned about My goodness gracious Sonny Rollins and jazz or or muddy waters. You know, it was that was Chuck Berry, who you can't catch me. Brilliant, brilliant song. The Stones recreated all those songs you know, which was so so so smart, you know, And then it let us baby boomers the stable who started those songs, and it was the black blues artist from Chicago. That really that the British invasion took all those songs from so great news. Great music in the sixties. We still as the boomers hold the best means we're the best music generation. You gotta be because we listen to Frank Sinatra's certainly but we also had some incredible rock and roll. Hey seven for another radio stations. You'd hear that entire song but this radio station stop playing it so so The Today's National Pizza Day, by the way. National Pizza Day. Well, so now, now, now what? So what's your favorite pizza for me? What do you think? My favorite piece? I know you're gonna say yeah, it's the one that doesn't involve cheese or sauce because you just take everything off and eat the bread. Which you know, or you eat the cheese or whatever it is that they like the frequencies. Just eat a slice of pizza. Every other human being. Nobody's asking you to eat the whole pie. Just one slice. We went out. We all went out for pizza thing, and we had a whole thing. And so I'm sitting there and I go home theory now, so the pizza come down. I will take clearly as soon as it's warm. And I will take a bite of a pizza in the best pizza for me was on Bloomfield Avenue. It was a place called Caldwell Pizza, and I did it on an ABC special called the New Jersey Special, and I highlighted neck and the guys at that cold pizza. We went in, and I said, What's the secret your sauce, and he said, my cigar ashes because he would always have this. The guard in the cigar ashes would fall into this right. But the trick was to me he would put olive oil on the bottom. Of the dome before he put it into the oven. I n n e would pour more olive oil on the top. So when you got that, and Mom and dad would get the pizza, and we would have, like Friday night, we would get Cold War pizzeria and it was like dripping and it was thin crust, and it was. That's the way I Oh, I always like the pizza. So now because I'm older, I said, Well, you can't lose the calories as easy as you want. So I'll take the first bite with the cheese, and it's really one of the great foods of all time. Aside for my mother's lasagna, I think pizza is like my favorite. I just love it. But then I'm with the guys and I can't keep I can't justify at my age eating the whole pizza. So what I will do is I know this sounds crazy. I'll scrape the cheese off the top, right. I was scared. She got drunk, everybody great, And then I'll take Parmesan cheese because and I'll Sprinkle it on and I'll still have the flavor of the big boots. Adele on the scapula, and I have a little problem. Got some virtually you're eating. The low calorie of the Joe cooked. Of course, you know the nice thing crust like that, with with the Parmesan on the top with the flavor of the mood, said L. And you cut your calories by that fucking enjoying any 9%. How do you find joy in this? It's like having a steak without having a steak. Well, it's like I was nothing when I have a little afraid of state. Guys bust my chops, Hockey puck burger. How do you is it? Well, then I go burn it, please, to respect Tell the chef and Don't tell the chef bring some catch it. I like. Don't tell the chef a woman who's cooking it. Who's cooking it possibly right in front of you, You know? Don't tell the chef who y Yeah, That's what I always say So, but the shell if I said something marvelous, distinct, looks marvelous. No, because I said I said you appeal. Yeah, Reggie, by the way, But you know when I have the steak, and I have this taken and is burned like that you could always see the chef sneaks A look at who is that guy that wants to burn steak like, But I do the same thing with the pizza, but my favorite pieces just you know. Tomato and basil. Just Pomodoro. Just nice. Nice and easy. You know, like a Neapolitan. Just easy. I don't put tape a pepperoni on a tape associates on it. Oh, you haven't hand Children. Oh, no, no Pineapple, though. That's no. No pineapple on him is fantastic on pizza. People gonna think that's great. I'm telling you, you don't knock it until you try it. It's actually really good. Meatball on pizzas. Fantastic. So sausage. That sounds good. That sounds there's a bunch of different things that you could put on pizza that make it great. I know that the pineapple and ham thing is a blast from the thing for a lot of people, but I actually enjoy it. But I'm fat. So you know, I I enjoyed pretty much anything except Angel. I hold up to New Jersey pizzerias in high regard that would be Star Tavern, which is I believe in East Orange Start. And where did that and then the best one of all is Routes Pizzeria and Nutley. That actually sounds like recently won. It's incredible. Recommend that the question is this and you can call 87797 29 99. Does Staten Island have the best pizza? You I'd have pizzas that Danny Aiello rest is wonderful soul took me out to Staten Island and we went to a pizzeria. And I wish I could remember the name of it. Fantastic. It was an individual store. There wasn't no matter what Yeah, maybe Joe and Parks Kevin there. Yes, I've been there and and that is spectacular. Might have been that Staten Island's.

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