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So thanks for joining us on NewsRadio 1000 Katie Okay today. President to pay tribute in Tulsa today. Good morning. I'm Jacqueline Scott in the KT. Okay, New Center, and this is Oklahoma's first news. We're off to a cool start and you might see some fog as you head out, and about today are forecast is coming up. President Biden is expected to write arrive in Tulsa shortly before one this afternoon. He'll tour the Greenwood District there that was the site of the 1921 tall to race massacre where The white mob killed hundreds of black residents and injured thousands in the area, then known as Black Wall Street. The massacre happened on May 31st and June 1st changes coming for Oklahoma's medical marijuana industry. Under a new law licenses for medical marijuana businesses can be transferred to new owners. Also, the Oklahoma Tax Commission will be able to collect a feat so it can audit businesses. And the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority will be able to work with the State Bureau of Narcotics to crack down on illegal businesses plan to hire more school counselors as we hear from Beth Myers, State School superintendent join, Hoffmeister says. For many years, Oklahoma Children have suffered the highest rates of trauma in the nation. And over the past 15 months have endured additional trauma from the pandemic, She says. The State Education Department will use $35 million in pandemic relief funds to hire hundreds of counselors, social workers and recreational therapists for Oklahoma schools, she says. The new counselor core will benefit students in every corner of the state man's best. Brand learned a new life saving trick. As we hear from Lisa Brady researchers are turning to man's best friend to try and sniff out covert cases in people. Claire Guest is a medical detection dogs chief scientific officer. She's quite amazing how accurately they could detect the odor of covert 19. From a small piece of sock worn several months ago. Working in pairs, the dogs will be able to screen up to 300 people in half an hour. Dog's nose is they're so good, Researchers say they can detect a teaspoon of sugar when the equivalent of two Olympic sized swimming pools Governor Kevin Status issued an executive order resending all masked mandates and state buildings and also prohibiting state agencies from requiring a covert 19 vaccination as a condition to enter any public building. State is now in a position where every Oklahoman who wants a vaccination congest one, he says. It's time to return to normal from the Alan Samuels. Volkswagen Weather Studio. Allen Samuels, Volkswagen, your friend in the car business. It'll be cloudy today. We have a chance of showers this morning and will top out in the low seventy's today..

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