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Krisztal live at you see how training center Denver Broncos headquarters the Broncos with three new players in the fold after a busy day to in which they selected Dalton reisner the offense of lineman out of Kansas state and Wiggins high school right here in the Denver area. Forty first overall, then they traded up from fifty two to forty two God, drew lock the quarterback from Missouri. And in the third round at seventy first overall defensive lineman, Draymond Jones and interior pass rushing specialist whom head coach Vic Fangio said could see some time in the nickel this season if he's competitive, and if he earns that time guys as we look at the pick now of Dalton reisner, and we heard from drew lock we'll hear from John Elway Vic Fangio shortly. But Ryan interior offenses. The line was clearly need the Broncos had to come away with a starter out of the NFL draft with the pick of reisner. Did they -ccomplish that? They did. Yeah. They definitely did at at least right guard, and they did provide themselves and we haven't covered a ton yet. But they did provide themselves. Bit of a hedge it tackle or more specifically. Right. Tackle of John James isn't everything's crap. Dick cracked up to be. But now you're paying him to be that. So hopefully, he is otherwise that's leads us down another rabbit hole. But you've got your right guard at there is an injury potentially to one of the tackle 's you've got another guy that you could swing outside. And again, you know, maybe maybe you decide as we discussed right after the pick maybe decide to see what he can do at center. He's does that experience in combat govern was by. No means an elite center for the Broncos last year filling in. So it does provide that as well. I think they're still opportune. Unity to add either another offense lineman during the draft or you add somebody during college free agency. Don't forget Sam Jones is still here. Connor McConnell McGovern is pencilled in to the starting lineup. But but by no means for me, this move does not guarantee him a spot on that lot. Not at all. And I would watch Sam Jones in particular because they're very high on him going into his second year. Really the thought would Sam Jones when they picked him last year he came out with one year eligibility remaining he'd graduated, but he he came out because Arezzo state was going through a coaching change scheme change and felt it was time to move on. The Broncos new Sam Jones was probably going to effectively have a regular ear as a rookie and be potentially ready contribute in year two while here we are. And don't forget Ron Leary. You've got in Pennsylvania guard spot. But can you rely on him? Right. The last two seasons for him have earned on injured. Reserve the the injuries Vicky. Related. It would not all surprise me. Guys. If your interior ofensive line some point this year is comprised of Sam Jones, don't rise ner and Connor McGovern. All guys that the Broncos have added in recent drafts also part of that. Because there's just not a lot of faith in Roane Leary to stay healthy to stay on the football field because they still own some money. And that's one of the biggest reasons he's here. You know, there's the injury guarantee. But because he's here if he is healthy two years ago. There's a reason they did give him thirty two million dollars and twenty guaranteed because he played really well in Dallas. Now, he did have three all pros around him. So there's that and I pointed out when they brought him in. Then he was really good when he was healthy that just didn't last very long, and so can you get healthy again? Or at some point do they just have him. There's an insurance policy and grow some combination of those three young guys together and Elijah Wilkinson is maybe you're. Winging tear guy, and you have to probably figure out who your swing tackle is down the road unless I'm missing somebody. That isn't coming to mind right now Wilkinson has position flexibile swing. He'd be. He could essentially in at four spots. Yeah. Even calmer govern in a paint can be tackle you actually a lot of game. Right. You have a lot of guys in there that have a lot of flexibility and can move around into pinch. What was cool. I thought is engulfed riser was pretty open with about everybody. He talked with in the pre draft process. Sometimes even other teams sometimes you'll fall to fall exactly about how he really wanted to be with his hometown team the Broncos. And I thought it was cool. The John Elway shared that. They really liked him and more importantly might munch liked him as a player, and then you throw on top of it. The hometown angle on top of it. There was a mutual attraction. If you will that between the two sides. I really feel like we can't overstate the Mike munch factor. Yeah. Here in this. Steal. Now. I it's a good story as it is. We know adult reisner looks like playing offense of line of K state. But but in that Mike mum check is getting just his first opportunity to mold this offense of line in the way, he wants we all I think media fans cetera all latched onto the Dalton reisner story. And if you watch him play, you feel good about what he could bring to the Broncos as a prospect that the fact that Mike munch a hall of Famer came in here and said, no, no, I this is a guy that I absolutely could work with he's going to help out our offense of line. And you don't spend a second round pick on a guy to be a swing or to be a backup. So this is part of Mike munch putting his fingerprints on the offensive line, which is only gonna lead to and don't forget we talked with don't reisner after he met with the Broncos on orange and blue seven sixty and reisner was glowing. As he talked about. Mike monk shack and Chris Cooper, of course, the foreign Bronco guard. Now, the assistant align coach, and he he said he felt like there was a real connection there. And I thought to myself. Okay. We'll see if Mike monk check in. Chris Cooper felt the same way we learned tonight. They did feel the same way. Exactly. They sure did. And earlier tonight, we had a chance to talk to the product out of Wiggins, Colorado. So let's get to our VIP line. And welcome in one of the newest Denver Broncos offense of Lyman Dalton reisner coming home to play football right here in the greater Denver area. You got the whole orange and blue seven sixty crew Mike, Brandon Andrew and Ryan Dalton congratulations. How gratifying was it to hear your name called by the Broncos? Very gratifying. I just want to prove to them. You know, how much I'm worth and and prove them right for picking me up, and I'm just so thankful for the opportunity for them taking me at pick forty one. And it was awesome to hear my name. Let alone, you know, be called Denver Broncos for special Dalton we've talked to a few times now throughout this process. You've made it pretty clear to the point of. I I liked your point. You're talking to the media to moment ago. How you felt you actually had a tone it down a little bit at your visiting other teams. What is your explain that to me because you're in the process of meeting the other teams, you're talking about how much you love this area being from Wiggins, Colorado, I at some level you still had to be kind of true to yourself though. Right. Most definitely, and you know, I couldn't really be open to the media about my feelings. But of course, the whole time, especially after me with much Elway everyone at that facility. I felt like that was where home was and you know, I didn't know if I'd I'd get picked in the first second third fourth fifth sixth seventh where it was going to be at. But I knew that that was where home should be. That's why I wanted to go. And it's I think it's definitely got in the working that I'm coming home to Denver. What did you feel in terms of the connection that you had with Mike monk check and Chris Cooper when you had the chance to hang with them here at Broncos HQ? Kicked off line coaches and see how they appreciated my play and see what they were thinking about plugging. And put me in and seeing how they do things that Denver, Bronco just coaches. I got along with coaches that I felt like I wanted to play for understood what they were about the interest of what I was about. And that's something. That's great. You know, you don't with not all the coaches really understand what you're all about appreciates that. I just felt that connection with them and munch hack is a legendary off the line coach from Pittsburgh. Chris Cooper coach played right guard for the Broncos for eight years. I watched him play grown-up. So both of coaches, I feel like I'm gonna go to work for and don't use one of the coolest moments. And I was glad I was able to capture it at senior bowl are Steve atwater. Who obviously these guys do the show with every day. You saw on the field. You're excited meet him day before. And you said you got introduced me to Elway. Then he gets caught up doing something else. And rather than running to the team bus. You waited a couple of minutes went and found. John Elway the middle of field Justice shake his hand. But take us back through the emotion when you saw three or three pop up and John Elway's on the other end of that phone. It was it was amazing experience. Man, you know, just to be able to grow up watching a guy and and hear about how much will legend. He is. It was just remarkable to have them. Call me and tell me that they wanted me to be patient and tomorrow to walk on down their alley, and and be out there and shaking hands. It'd be part of the Denver Broncos team is going to be real to me. So a lot of emotion for sure. And then I'm just I'm extremely excited. Final few moments with new Broncos offense of Lyman Dalton reisner with us on orange and blue seven sixty Dalton. You have talked about the variety of positions. You've played on the line. Is there a place you feel you fit best? You know, I hate to answer that just because I'm gonna wear where I'm going to be Denver Broncos. But you know, I feel like anywhere on that often to learn to wherever month chat won't put me wherever you guys have a need. I want to be able to play. I see myself saying guard in the NFL, I think that will find, you know, find myself at and I know that that might be a position you guys could use help that. I I don't know. I'm saying you guys because we miss you got your place just cover them. Yeah. No doubt, man. So just trying to get that that spot where doing that? Now looking ahead when you get to the regular season. How many people in Wiggins are going to be coming down? I seventy six to Denver every Sunday to watch you play man. I sure hope a lot you guys might have to get a new part of the stadium. Just for the Wiggins fan, man. I'm extremely bad have many fans that are thrilled by phone flowing up and people are so proud of me. And you know, I'm going to have to have people at every game. You guys just gained the whole pan crew about a thousand people from Wiggins so big side. About that. They may have to you have to invest in a bunch of tickets or a couple of sweets to hold everybody. It's gonna take your whole rookie contract. Final thing. I have for you Dalton on Tuesday. John Elway if you had made if he had run into any prospects is restaurants. He said, no, I texted you to tell you that and to remind you, hey, pull a Sam Jones. Did you make your way to Elway's or just dumb luck? That Jon Il took you. I did order. I did order a bunch Elway's last night down here in Denver. So we ordered some ways for dinner, and I didn't make my way down. I think I had faith in the fact that if I was available when they got there that they wanna take a shot. Dalton we're signing free. Appreciate that very much. Yeah. Dealt. We really appreciate your time amongst very busy and joyful time for you and your family. Thanks so much. We can't wait to see you down here at you. See how training center, congratulations. Thank you so much. Don't.

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