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And I don't know how to how to confront that But I I was online and I was watching the footage and from from various cities around the country and in my neck of the woods here in Brooklyn the Barclays Center, and there's just like an ocean of activity there and I could hear it from my home. And could hear hear the helicopters above all night long and. How do you think about anything else right now? which I guess is why it is nice that like we have time travel at our disposal here for the sake of of this podcast, and and you know. I I do think that this is. This is our job there are there are a lot of people who are frontline workers in you know in in dealing with the corona virus and dealing with covid nineteen, and there are people who are you know. Frontline workers, working at grocery stores and I'm. There are journalists who are covering all of this material You know from Just everything that's going on. In our chosen profession is to scream nonsense into a microphone. and. That is that is what we opted to do with our lives, and I do think that or for not just the people who are on the front lines, but for the people who have to be like surviving their workdays right now. Surviving their day to day is right now. Who knows what that looks like I think to have friendly voices in their ears. I do think matters a lot. I know it does for me I've been like going to a lot of like my favorite video game characters right now it's. Cool off my bringing up. And so if we're giving that to anybody, then then I that there is There's a reason to be doing this. And I and I feel good about that. and. I hope we'll hear back. If that's not the case and I think we'll, we'll. We'll be listening to that. Yeah I. I think it's also goes that the fact that we're able to be able to talk about nonsense and bring comfort to people who are able to talk to listen to us. Talk about nonsense that you know that just. please. Let's take a moment of appreciation that you are able to do that. You are able to. If you are able to escape from what's going on right now. Just I. think that we all need to take a moment of appreciation to realize how lucky we are that we are able to escape from from this, because not everybody is able to escape from. The the injustice. That's going on right now and I just. Really just. Have had a you know like. In the last couple of days. I just really felt like you know I don't want anybody to think that. I'm on the wrong side of this. Because you know I, you know, don't speak about a lot of social issues, but to me. This is not a social issue of you know. Don't kill unarmed people in the street, and it's not easy for me to say either I'm from a police family might that was a police officer twenty seven years in the in the NYPD, and so you know I Never wanted to disparage the police department, but I just feel very strongly that I have to stand with like you know all of the all of the different black people that I've gotten to meet him. Become friends with. Over my entire life and career that you know it's just not okay. What's happening right now? No? No, okay it's not. It's not it's not. And I and I really the part. About US having the luxury of of people who have the luxury to listen, but certainly you and I have the luxury to do this. I am I am thinking about that often? Stays..

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