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Deputy attorney general's the person who really runs the justice department on a daytoday basis he went from being acting ag to acting deputy ag want sessions got there and he serbs aki acting deputy acting deputy attorney general until rod rosenstein got confirmed by the senate to be the confirmed deputy attorney general as of late april now you may remember in the meantime president trump decided to fire all of the us attorney's all over the country boom no warning get out begun by midnight when it came time to actually do that firing i think i think it was dana bente as the acting deputy attorney general who actually got on the phone and did the firing of all those press prosecutors but then rod rosenstein came on became the confirmed deputy ag and then dana ben teddy got another role he became the acting assistant attorney general for national security which means he runs the national security division of the justice department and that's a very big deal as well and yes in addition to all of that he stayed on as the us attorney in the eastern district of virginia so the guy had five jobs and that is you know that's all i mean even just these during district of virginia is a busy big important national security prosecutor's office even in normal times at these times though in the eastern district of virginia in addition to all those other jobs he was dealing with the main justice in the eastern district of virginia it was dana ben takes office from which we saw the subpoenas related to paul manafort it was dana ben takes offers from which we saw the subpoenas related to mike flynn it was dana ben takes office that has been handling the investigation into wikileaks and potential criminal charges criminal charges associated with wikileaks and dana ben to his office right the eastern district of virginia that's where special counsel robert muller first started using a grand jury so this dude is like right in the middle of everything.

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