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Twenty four hour news desk the polls are now closed in South Carolina in one of the most closely watched contest of the twenty twenty primary election so far and based on our analysis of the exit polls A. B. C. news is projecting that Joe Biden is the winner of the South Carolina primary with continuing coverage of the South Carolina primary Terry Alden or ABC news seriously funny the man is there doctor what Harry potter house listed nine to noon weekdays right here on W. S. B. Georgia has an eight point lead to start the second half led by as much as eighteen over the Razorbacks on Aug left their shoes in Fayetteville barely the first four minutes of the game fourteen another run to start the contest for the dogs built an eighteen point lead with Arkansas the final four and a half minutes or the dog sixty seven to close the gap so it's up for grabs here the final twenty minutes razorback slap the ball to start the second half first possession Isaiah Joe tried to cross the way they found a half for the for side of the floor let's see we're going to start to sound like we had the first half with the stops the principal Arkansas works lifted before Mason Jones diagonal down the lane and lays it up with a right hand that's all I have stored it was a contestant if it's his first field goal of the contest forty seventy forty one the odds jump shot we'll go for the right side with a rebound there's a reason six point lead was eighteen and now it's two positions market well the glass with with top of the key trying to find his way guarded by the trouble with the elbow this is out of the way Mason Jones long fade away three near the sideline good that D. seven forty four eighteen point lead over three Jones with back to back buckets to start the second half well he's gonna get his points the leading scorer the conference for nothing Edwards to the foul line takes a pass from Matt Wheeler misses the fifteen foot jumper your parents with over the top three on Harris first to the half of the dogs I don't know what their faces and covering their face in their hands that sickness before forty seven forty four hawks could tie with a three after being down eighteen in the first half erysipelas side president of back toward peace deals going to chase it down touches it finally right front of the dog that's where the the dogs fall over and back call hello thank your we did a good job protecting the best best option we'll have a half the first temple three turnovers still here they are with pick it back up here we go dogs in first couple minutes of the second half we lower the ball slipped out of his hands on the baseline which is it up there where Anthony Edwards crossover guarded by Jimmy Whitt Rosebank the Wheeler out of the corner through the lanes open three from Harris sure all the room more with the rebound back into the lane they found him as he shoots in the left bloc will go to the line is a shot off the backboard two free throws coming for George Harris and the final bill only to a trio Bailey for the Razorbacks is second Paris at the line eighty one percent for the year twenty two of twenty seven lefty senior hired city Georgia Seminole county put up with it five points the game for Harrison is one of our four starters fouled out against South Carolina played only ten minutes of the ball because it was such a dreadful foul trouble this is the second free throw an Arkansas gets the rebound Georgia by four forty eight forty four Mason Jones drives no good tap on the room looked like it was still over the ceiling we got the rebound there was no whistle and we were trying to contact a drill Bailey in Arkansas was searched for the file that's three on Bailey now second and a half the Razorbacks senior forward seventeen forty three long way to go here half number two it's just a four point game now after the dogs scored the first fourteen of the contest they got up by eighteen twice nice to get back to that point Edwards says the ball back to his defender for side of the floor long cross court pass vilifies intercepted by Isaiah Joe Joe steals it for the hawks the sills left wing he travels with the basketball that's a good defensive effort but to money kind of stepped back in front of the shop will get by Dr with the ball inbounds near sidelined by court Wheeler fires at all or sign up for the half court line he showed him the two at seventeen points in the first half the Mars passed away the flight out of bounds I chose the hogs hit Bryant shady official one of us and that all excellent about it due to all the possession two Wheeler Tayla Harris guarding severe Wheeler Wheeler drives around a screen from Edwards backs it up on the right baseline vehicle for one for the freshman propelled I don't see how it was going to get the best double digit money down that baseload neither was dogs lead at six fifty to forty four hawks Paul Jones drives loses the handle of the ball behind the dogs pick it up on the bounce Eric Musselman wanted a call against the dogs Brian JG six is it though George with a six point lead Edwards got the ball drive to the foul line to defense Mastella alternative payments thanks go to the floor to keep the position we had nobody go for the loose ball sills wide open under the basket easy good sills with sixteen points and started the second half his first fourteen world the branch office Israel which is all the second file and that'll be a turn over going over the Razorbacks three trail by four fifty to forty six eight not lead in this ball game they have trailed by a bunch by eighteen more times sixteen ten to go in the contest ason Jones drive right a late slide back to the top of the key find a spot on the floor fires a three will go on at the Wheeler you taxed Adelaide he attacked the heart of the defense got in between three guys look it up but is nine point four Wheeler fifty to forty six dollars fifteen forty three to play here's the second half what has it all the way through the lane fade away who's going to his left good to be with with his first field goal the Razorbacks looking for more quickly show jump pass to win over the sills drives off the wing camara may have found a big got away with it this is running late and we get the rebound with ray Shawn hammocks dogs by four years Wheeler again how does it do it how does he do it a little fella gets a dollar fifty four forty eight dogs with a time out fifteen fourteen the goal in this contest Georgia by six over Arkansas the Bulldogs sports network infrastructure have you really stop to think about what that means to you airports hospitals education and economic centers all built to elevate our lives but who built the members of the international brotherhood of.

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