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Are they have some problems absolutely are covering so i know a lot about what's going on with them uh ronald drb gets hurt early in the year to have to bring a lot of corner you know the kind of stem the tide there they lose jordan hicks who is there starred middle linebacker here and there they're the major play caller this team has endured a bevy of of injuries in a seem to overcome the mall along the way you lose a pro bowl in probably hall of fame left tackle you lose your start middle linebacker you lose you know darren sprawls uh who's your part return you a third down back the list goes on audie turnaround you lose your quarterback and his team just keeps playing they just keep winning they got that mix man up mentality now when i look at nick folz nick falls is in a unique position because this offense is different from the standpoint from this standpoint that there are no go to guys on this office all the running backs get on average may be the highest number of carriers is probably like sixteen cars but they rotate up every single game so they don't even know who's gonna start who's going gonna get the bulk of the plays is a tremendous way to keep three runningbacks motivated and then when you look at the wide receiver physician you also jeffrey with nine touchdowns you got nelson are with eight touchdowns you guys zack earth's would eight touchdowns.

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