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My husband having two different shoes on them. While James Lowry stayed behind and was using a garden hose to spray down structures. We've been fighting it all night. My brother was right there last night when the fire jumped the line on mosquito Reggie came up on those streets. And the flames were 300 feet in the air, the trees were exploding. I'm Julie Walker. Russia says it's pulling back troops from two areas of Ukraine's kharkiv region. That's where a Ukrainian counteroffensive has made significant advances in the past week. And the Environmental Protection Agency can not appeal a key ruling in a lawsuit claiming negligence by the federal government in Flint's lead contaminated water. In 2020, a federal judge said Flint residents could sue the EPA. Now two years later, the judge says she won't put the case on hold to allow the government to appeal that decision to a higher court. I'm Mike Hempen, AP news. Wendy's new French toast sticks are so delicious, some are saying that they're better than their mom's breakfast. Excuse me. Did you just say Wendy's new French toast sticks are better than my breakfast? Mom, is that you? Answer the question. I said some people are saying that. Because they're so crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside and perfect in every way. Uh huh. And what do you think? I think it's time to tell people to choose wisely. Choose Wendy's new sweet and crispy homestyle French toast sticks. That's still not an answer. I participate in U.S. Wendy's during breakfast hours. BP sports, I'm Ben Thomas, college football, top ranked Alabama got a scare needing a last minute field goal to be Texas 20 to 19. David Schuster has details. The tide's game winning boot followed a 49 yard field goal from the longhorns bird auburn with one 29 to go. Heisman winner Bryce young led his team down the field for the game winner on the day young was 27 of 39 for 213 yards and one TD. Alabama won in spite of 15 penalties, they're now two and O while Texas drops to one and one. The next four in the AP top 25 Georgia Ohio State Michigan and Clemson had little trouble securing wins, but number 6 Texas a and M was upset by Appalachian states 17 to 14, and 8 ranked Notre-Dame fell to Marshall 26th 21. The Irish are now zero and three under new head coach Marcus Freeman. I mean, it comes down to execution. We did not execute the way we obviously needed to to win this game. In tennis world number one, iga schwarte defeated on 6 two 7 6 to win her first U.S. open championship and third Grand Slam title. It got really physical. And I'm happy that I got my level of energy up a little bit more so I could finish. In baseball's division races, the Yankees pushed their AL east lead to four and a half games over Tampa Bay, jumping on the race in the first inning en route to a ten three victory. In the NL east, the mets won big while the braves dropped a game to the Mariners, New York's now up a half game. AL central leading Cleveland knocked off the twins, but the White Sox kept pace, thumping the a's, they're still a game and a half back. The Cardinals lead the NL central by a comfortable margin, and they beat Pittsburgh 7 5 with first baseman Albert Pujols hitting his 696 career home run. That Tyson with Alex Rodriguez for number four on the all time list. 21 years ago weighing on make the book club that wasn't something that I was chasing. Who holds now trails only Barry Bonds, Hank Karen and Babe Ruth. Ben Thomas, AP sports. The wildfires in Southern California are feeling the lingering effects of what was hurricane K, which quickly weakened into a tropical storm by the time it reached the state. Right now there are 12 active wildfires as Cal fire's Isaac Sanchez and hurricane K helped battle blazes in the southern part of the state. It did bring rain. It did bring higher humidities and of course that's always a blessing when it comes to buyers. But not in the north, the mosquito fire near Sacramento, so residents like Deborah keever fleeing. Evacuated in my husband had two

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