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Attorney General bars also notified bureau prisons officials to increase use of home confinement all those let go

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I don't know what happened is shock the call the fire started at the Shiloh Baptist church just after three AM the largest labor union representing university of California employees endorsing Bernie Sanders for president the American federation of state county and municipal employees endorsed a Sanders after survey showed he was number one with union members democratic presidential candidate senator Amy Klobuchar says she's ready to run a national campaign after her strong finish in New Hampshire we raised over twelve million dollars online mostly from just regular people new people who gave Nevada will hold its primary next Saturday more than eleven hundred former justice department official who served in Republican as well as democratic administrations posted a statement today calling on Attorney General bill Barr to resign White House counselor kellyanne Conway says president trump has never asked the Attorney General to intervene in a criminal case the president is making the point an international bill bars backing him up on this that he has not interfered in any criminal case trump has said on Twitter he has the legal right to do so as president Conway said presidents have involved themselves in criminal cases before let's get a check of traffic.