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C All right, a little closer to home. The race between Abigail Span Burger and Nick Greatest took a turn, and it's all due to a mysterious memory drive. With ballots found on it, and they happen to just put Abigail Standard over the details. 7 30 yell at them. Woodbridge, Washington More than ever depend on 105.9 FM, A cumulus stations news now. W male news at 7 30. Good morning. I'm Barbara Brit. As the ballot counting continues Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, warning the state is beginning. To see a major surgeon covert cases. Over the past two weeks, we have seen a concerning increase in hospitalizations and in I C u levels. The bulk of the new cases are among young people, while the majority of our hospitalizations were still trending older. That served his forcing Charles County public schools to delay the plan to allow students to return to in person learning until after the first of the year Protest in Portland again turned violent overnight in a city commissioner's home was targeted group of 60 protesters throwing burning flares and paint filled balloons. Protesters then set fire to Portland City Hall that fire quickly extinguished. Three people arrested. Denmark is killing its large mink population after discovering a Corona virus mutation that the Danish government says can spread the humans. Checking your money. Dow Futures are down. 141 NASDAQ Futures Down 113 in Sports sponsored by Harrisonburg Tourism.

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