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And I thought you know that's kind of pushy if I want a men's health magazine and a bag of four dollar potato chips I'm going down to the newsstand right he's strapped to be the baby strapped in their right but you know something must have happened somewhere along the way where they felt that they needed put that sign up there what in the world would walk away from their picky P men's room in Chicago you can't even like many rogue at O'hare so the the baby Christian has not a full head to here but a good head of hair and looks a lot like land I thought so too a lot like landon in land in pulled me aside and she said you know people have always said look a lot like you so the two of us conspiratorial right now that the baby's like us I thought so too when I saw when I saw his picture I win that's land and Imbaba right there the I know in that big change you know it's it's it's hard to tell when the baby's this is this little definitely has his hair it's it's dark hair it's not the blonde here that I had his it as a child or landed so little some for everybody there and it was just it was really really nice and you know what that last minute ticket buying and a hotel purchasing that's it's always affordable it's so affordable before they go oh is it last minute lead help you out let us do oh they dukes me oh I bet they did had that was expensive but just shut up shut up and we're going back going back in a couple of weeks so did you try out Papa you know what everybody was laughing about it and then landon all of a sudden said well you know everybody's been saying Papa is just go with it and see what happens so you're going to be Papa so I may and Mary said he's going to be Papa I might as well be Mama so we're going to see if it works going to see if it works you've been called worse Oh it's kind of some some women feel the grandma sounds too old for who they are where they are in life that's one of the road.

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