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Has the twenty four seven belts. California say would be your tag team partner when both of us for Title. I could work out. What about what about what's wrong with that? Love it so so five years you and me tag team partner like a big little Turkish delight. Okay there we go okay just to keep the focus on you earlier in the show. We did a little predictions if it was straight seeds and nick has got you beating the sixers but losing to the box. What do you need to do to get past honest? I listen I I hope you their Jersey that I gave it to you. I hope you didn't burn but I believe I believe that. We're GONNA pass the sixers for sure but I'd like the. The bus is going to be a tough match up but I think we have enough grossly just guardian us and the whole box. Make if you look at what happened there. The season they got us. We got them. So it's GonNa be much of the eastern finals. I believe anti neck. I was just going to say under the new format beating the clippers. So I do give you credit that if it's the new format I've eaten the clippers. Binding the bucks go ahead. I Apologize. Say our new foam at format. Nick hasn't had a haircut in three months. I know that we're making fun of his lack of hair. Now I give you carte blanche quickly with a few seconds left to make fun of the current situation on top of his head so go ahead and use up your last couple seconds here with that because it's worth it. I actually just caught my own hair yesterday. Just for the show. I have just get jealous of like you know sexually pretty good. I'm now rooting for the sixers list money..

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