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Last night. It's good old. Thunder sound to keep things in perspective that that good. Oh you can run around here in all your glory and ha- step through life and pontificate and talk and do all the things that you want. And but when you hear the barbie when you hear some old fashioned thunder happy step you start high stepping today house. Oh yeah especially not the me more night the day then my next door night. I'm sorry guys. I guess soaking wet. Before right sean. Why we might next door was. I don't know but for me like super proactive on. We're with it. I'm thinking because it's raining so hard wood if the power go out with if the it was way so hard i thought the power will go out because sometimes that happens and happens when you don't think about it. I want to think about it. I want to be prepared. People pay it if the power goes out a walk into the house because i am soaking wet. I'm done. i'm but i'm being grateful that i'm grateful that i was a at home but the whole thing is windy. You make that decision to get soaking. Wet sean planning towns. I've sat in my car for our cause. I did not to get out. But why because i'll look it all way. But what if you knew that you know that your home. Let's say if you'd like with the same situation. I was in last night whereas only twenty yards away at your home. You might as well take more for the team and what what about that. I mean some days. If is raining really hard and i wanna hurt. It's getting houses. Showering gotovina's mind what it's been days where i'm like. I don't have nothing doing there. How i'm gonna sit right here. It waited rain slowdown and wish and wish you drive in techniques in the rainbow out cautious. I normally slowdown outbound outbound. No no texting and driving. The don't be paying you fall when lead. The role needs all of my attention. That right and that's that's another. That's a valid point. Every all the other distractions that we have in the car cell phone looking at stuff dreaming whatever we talking to ourselves with. Whatever we doing. All of that stopped i mean. I didn't even know own a cell phone i. I was focused on driving that vehicle in getting me. Two point eight point be so. Be careful out there guys. 'cause i've been in a few car accidents so i i don't i don't like rodney. Rain porn darry. I've had a few very close calls with track show. When one time i had my son in the car and i had my niece and her her daughter and my son was in the car. I think another ki moon carlos. My car was full day and we traveled from back from jersey. Em seventy a and it was pouring down right. I mean pouring down raining. Even trek chose was going slow. This talk show shows so you know it really raining so we driving. And i'm in the far right lane tractor trailer here. This everybody's going slow. Everybody got their heads like on. My car started to hydro blame right next to attract the chill. All i do is like all my guy. We go down there myself girl though. Pay it though. Panic then got didn't panic. And i kept control of the car because had i panicked. You probably would have. We would have been old story. Yeah i mean it was literally like right next to the eighteen will could see my car this of course it was scary as hell. That would be something that would be a very fearful situation right there but have you ever get in a car pouring down raining in drive off. Have you ever did that. Where you was. The weather was really bad. It's pouring down raining. Have you ever gotten car enjoy driven in rain knowing because most of the time we get caught in iran regardless today but do we constantly make a decision people in a chat room. Have you ever pouring down. Let me get in the car guy. Get out of here and go. Have you ever did that once. Because we was at a restaurant and they will close it so we haven't well we didn't actually. We just got a car. Stay a few minutes but it kept raining so we just left would just slow so so guys a be careful out there and even if you don't own a car that's where your your co palo skills gotta jump it. You know you've got to play. You gotta come into play because we need help. We need people people who don't drive that a passenger drivers because there are people here. Just don't drive people out here. That made a made a decision not to drive a car. Whether it sometimes doesn't even mean doesn't geographics has nothing to do with. There's some people you need to You live you need to have a car. There's some people that choose not to learn how to drive. Okay some people Maybe something traumatic happen bobby. Cologne and may lives and there was some sort of similar light with somebody in the pool as a little kid. And you get traumatized and you don't want to be an pool no more. There's something happened in. Would a car that people that don't want to drive and obviously if you live in a big city that would be beneficial to you like new york city. You don't need a you. Don't need a car new york city you don't have to. But they put a number one a chat room. If you know somebody that just chose not to learn how to drive. Do i look at folks. When i was younger back in the day. Idiot bobby and being stupid i would. That would be a judgment to think you don't to job what you now is like regular now. Now like uber everywhere. I'll.

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