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And why captain they do it a thing it but you see the on the other side the promoter of these events owns the event you could start your own dance brand if he wanted to in have woken goals if you could find people who wanted to do it and of an an audience i think the dots fraternities signs society has moved on but the people that they are providing this product four on necessarily keen on seeing what they perceive to be a sexist institution like the wall on bells and they've decided to make it a change of you they are free is promoters to take that decision in the interests of what they think that consumers want now they've got a free choice heavenly of course stab righteous thing i just think it's wrong flipping onto the phil neville thing because i think this was a genuinely very difficult control policy because neville took on the role policy england women's football team coach she's proud of having got that role but that was very difficult because i think a lot of people felt wiesner a woman and also they thought that has been fasttracked into that job just because he was a good place as a couple of things at stake keno should plays immediately transition into management roles neville of course did go through proper training took his pro licence had been in the system manager united and valencia yeah so so yeah it's been a hit a coach at a but not in women's football now now i get that but shouldn't be the best best person for the job yet whether it be a woman or a man shelf ted let's say if i was playing the primary if i was painted football in britain now any lee and for me a for a for x ladies player annexed lady coach wanted to manage my side if it was the best person for the job i've got no prompt that why should rightly andrey semi clayton abate but not of sexism point of view on we used to be our international coaches combing coach and england side everyone's saying oh why can't you go.

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