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And the penguins beat the maple Leafs five due to Sidney Crosby a goal and three assists NASCAR driver Ryan Newman is awake and speaking with family and doctors that just a day after his arrest the crash on the final lap of the Daytona five hundred hi to the NBA both the Cavaliers and John beeline well they've come to an agreement on his coaches final game for the franchise two sides working out a financial settlement meanwhile the Cavaliers plan to promote JB Bickerstaff the full time head coach wants to be line separation is finalized after agreeing to a contract buyout with the pistons Reggie Jackson plans to sign with the LA clippers Connery Irving continues to struggle with the shoulder injury that caused him to miss twenty six games he's scheduled to see another specialist at some point this week I'm John Berman this is after hours with a warrantless I was going to blame it on a Tuesday and then I realized well rob Manfred has perpetuated this.

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