Jennifer Flowers, President Trump, Daniels discussed on Tom Leykis Show


I know so well why why why was there's something wrong with that why jennifer flowers was not in the white house yeah so this is what they say and trump was not the president when he was with stormy daniels that's the excuse tom i thought the president is supposed to be above reproach have morals better than every and it's amazing how the conservative element and by the way i'm no liberal but it's amazing how the conservative element makes excuses for this guy oh no they're fucking hypocrites what they are fucking brian and they and they no longer have the moral moral high ground when they call it when when it when it comes to debt and deficit and you know talking about moral character and all that other bullshit they've been saying for years but i will say about your show tom you give me all kinds of in the past three years 'cause i used to vote republican i used to be like everybody else around here to listen to your show and then you you know they don't start taking a different way to give me things to think about that you know that the republican platform a lot of this bullshit you know and about how they wanna have certain things where they you know they're all about small government unless it comes to abortions or buying lead you know pornography or by the way that they love going through your glove compartment they're all about the police and blue lives matter you know except for the fbi you know right you know right now that you know that right now there trashing the shit out of the fbi there's much there isn't much of talking phone you hypocrites and whenever i i said to him and stuff they kind of get mad at me i read it but i don't care i love it i like fucking with them but anyway in a lot of that is because listen to utah anyway if you kill me donald trump style with that'd be great day sir all right andrew thank you so much here you go by the.

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