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Sonny and 38, then brace yourself. The frozen white death is on its way Sunday night. Into Monday morning, and it could be significant, so we'll know. Learn more here later on is the weekend unfolds Right now it's gold 21 in Hunt Valley. It's 25 in Annapolis, or just a note. By the way, Sean, just a heads up, Chuck. I showed my will be arriving. To do the show remotely from Brooksville sometime before the snow gets here, Just just so, you know, make sure Mom down. He won't guarantee you come down. You won't go back. That could be a problem with that might be a sea. There's a threat, actually. Yeah. No, no. Leave it that way after he's made on their threats before, So, you know you're very rich. I know. I only put those writing enemies over there The enemies within now that things and you should know today's curmudgeons Day. Well, so you know, you celebrate by going on and telling your neighborhood get off your lawn. You know, it's also known as Bernie Sanders Day. Uh, in fact, Pizza is launching their new Detroit style pizza. It's kind of like a traditional pizza on Lee. It comes with a gunshot wound. So that zone we're in the middle, right. You can play with the pepperoni if you want. What is strong, my poised to strike the East Coast early next week. In fact, right now, Baltimore's mayor Brandon Scott, has declared Outdoor dining open beginning Monday. That's nice, alive. That's nice. You have your own igloo that they have a little igloo tent was tense for your whips. That's right. Actually, I dined in one a couple of reasons. A little niggle. Inglis Yeah, upon up in the north country. No one's even I took a week off. We went up in the first few days were up in Lake George. And they're all over up there. Now, If you want one with a piece of heating, I'm not kidding about this. You have to commit to spending $250 on your meal. All right. So that's that's the entrance for you. If you want to just stop and get a beer and some some things to chew on and have a heater that doesn't really work that it was just like you're sitting outside, then. Fine. So if he wanted to stop by for a night to an Eskimo pie, you're not getting in the Anglo. That's right. Okay, General Motors announced by 2035. They're phasing out gas powered cars and trucks and well, so on Lee Electric vehicles that Z in 14 years, folks, right? No more gas, but no more gas powered Corvettes. Is there no electronic little bit there is there is which a violin I would not sounds like a damn golf card. Sporty golf course that don't worry, you'll still be able to count on GM for their dangerous factory recalls will still be honoring those rights, saying All right. So sad News. We lost Cloris Leachman the day before Emmy and Tony Award winning actress Cicely Tyson died yesterday She was 96 routes, the auto bark biography of Miss Jane Pittman. Woman called Moses. Remember are just came out this week, man. You talk about publicity and timing. Wow. But I'm sure she played it that way. I'm sure she didn't plan it that way. But I'm sure the publishers going Hey, you know what? We might be able to capitalize on this 98 years old, I think, right 96 96 months, So it's a great actress, by the way. All right, Chuck. Feeling better, You know, having half you like last night, which have, uh, no, no, no, no, no. Both were getting equal time. Let's put it that way. Way. Glad you're feeling better. Thanks. Alright. It's 6. 1919 minutes after you are you could join us here for 10 Wcbm 16. I was curious. Are you a day trader? You look at this, and there's a guy on the red. It forms. That's what we're all this started on Reddit. This is what they're calling it the Reddit rebellion because they saw all these billionaire hedge fund managers that we're trying to short me Stocks like Gamestop and the AMC entertainment because they all think that you know there. The company's heir done. They're finished, you know, based on the fact that Gamestop actually sells hard copies of video games and who Who could want that in the modern digital world on all these guys got to get out on reddit and decided? No, no, we're gonna We're gonna buy it. We're gonna buy stock. And so that drove up the price and so billionaire hedge fund managers who Shorted the stock. Then they were looking to lose their shirts and one of them. I had to be bailed out by their another billionaire, hedge one matter, so that's how this whole thing started. And now a guy on Reddit is claiming. He works for Robin. Oh, that's one of these acts that you can day traders download to use to trade up, he says the overheard in a conversation a gentleman that the received calls at Robin Hood from Sequoia Capital. And the White House that pressure them into closing down trading on Gamestop and other stocks. Now that has not had been independently confirmed. That's just somebody claiming that on the Internet we all know how dangerous that is, By the way, this this interesting note on Twitter. Robin Hood has tweeted this out. Lovely to have all these new followers data. Can we just check that? You know that you're following the worldwide Robin Hood society and not in him and not the Robin Hood at S O a big welcome from Sherwood Forest. Well, all right, but, you know, they say you steal from the rich to give to the poor. This is kind of the reverse that were Robin Hood did yesterday, stealing from the poor to give to the rich. It's 6 20 year in the morning drive with Casey and Elliot. I'm Dr Melissa Segev, one of the doctors and owners of Audiology Associates are group of doctors has been providing hearing in balance. Karen, Maryland For Over 35 years, Audiology Associates has grown to include 11 offices throughout Maryland, including.

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