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Wade Miley will become the fourth starter in consecutive games during the postseason last pitcher to do it was George Earnshaw for the Philadelphia in the nineteen thirty World Series. That is your stat of the day. So I don't know if that's if that's written correctly. Wade Miley only faced one batter in his last outing. So he'll become the fourth starter to start consecutive games in the postseason in history. The last time it happened was nineteen thirty. So it's a dodgers and the brewers game six starts tonight at eight thirty eastern. Whitney Houston joins us, I wit. What do you have for me today? Interview with Melissa by the way. That was awesome. Thank you. Thank you. So just about the Astra's last night know the Red Sox, obviously great team, but go into that game. It just seemed like everybody except for Burland or wasn't in it to win it last night. And I would think going forward like they're, they're not enough to the right art team any more like they're their on. Everyone's drawing board. I just hope going forward that you know, they realize that and they, you know, hopefully keep this competitive streak that they've had going. But anyway would actually. Yeah, hopefully, but what actually put refill passion bucket last night before the game guy that were with he says, hey, family friends gonna come by and say, hi, his radio show, and that's, that's great. Like public radio or something. But anyway, the guy that walked in was was Sean sows berry and his and his in his girlfriend. The nicest guy man. He young out with this for a good two hours. And obviously I've been a fan of y'all show for for a while now and I talked, I, you know, we talked about you at length and he was telling me that you're probably one of the best interviewers that's out there. And I think what he said was, if the FBI needed to get a confession out of somebody, you'd probably be the guy to do it. And anyway, one of the stories that, yeah, one of the stories that he told was about a benchwarmer seen when you guys are playing poker and how long it took for you all to get through it. 'cause y'all couldn't stop laughing at him. Sandler and Terry crews is wig that he had on. Oh, that's true. We were in venture warmers together. Thank you with Sean was a lot of fun. He. He was good friend and I'm glad he's doing well in Houston. I had some people who said I was questioning the tackle by Larry FitzGerald on Kurt Warner on the sidelines last night. Pre-game show where Kurtz there for FOX pregame show and Larry's catching a pass down and out, pass in warm ups, and then he sort of tackles Kurt Warner. And then to some Arizona cardinal fans said, can you get off our backs? That's the only tackle we made last night. All right. Fair enough. By the way, as we say, way into the cardinals aren't gonna fire their offense coordinator, but then they fired their offense coordinator, Mike McCoy going fire today, didn't the GM say last night he wasn't firing is offensive coordinator, head coach, actually, Steve Wilks, Steve premature to talk about changes on Thursday night, I guess, matured overnight. And now it's time..

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