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All right. But anyway, okay. Well me being I think it's one of those situations where they have their franchise quarterback, but I don't necessarily think that Anthony think Anthony when is a fit for that particular quarterback some kind of just goes to show how important. Yep. The quarterbacks are on a team absolutely important. It is to match the head coach with the quarterback. The system has to all work every piece of that machine has to work so I don't really think it's so much Anthony Lynn not being a good head coach. I think it's and this is just my opinion. I could be really I mean no, please after that hair opinion. I trust you. Why would you I think it has to do with those two not the maybe his way of coaching doesn't really dead mesh with the future of what they want with Justin favorite, but I hope he lands somewhere and I think that he will do. All these coaches just do the whole care. He'll go to the Jets. Who knows. Yep. I mean listen you right here on the first intense Amy broke that if that happened maybe huge Dona Dona. All right, Jacksonville fire their head coach Doug Marrone. I know nothing about this guy off and I really just don't care of ya number. Exactly. And I think of I think Marrone was the last name of one of the characters on Everybody Loves Raymond. That's my only hot sports package. Okay, thank you for that. Houston.

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