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Voting rights in an NPR interview, vice President Harris insists it should be among their highest priorities. It's morning edition from NPR News. A Texas Republican lawmaker wrote us to say his state capital doesn't seem as crowded as usual. I'm Sasha Pfeiffer and I'm Steve Inskeep. Democrats left the state to block a voting bill. So we will ask that Republican lawmaker what he does now. Also, we traveled to the new U. S. Covid hotspots and the president once promised irreversible progress against climate change. We asked the EPA administrator what he can do that the next Republican president can't undo it's Wednesday, July 14th. Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons is 34 years old. Today. The news is next. Live from NPR News in Washington on Corvette. Coleman. President Biden is expected to meet with Senate Democrats today on Capitol Hill. NPR's Gile Snyder says. This follows word the Democrats have agreed on a 10 year budget plan costing $3.5 trillion President Biden is to have lunch with Democrats to discuss the way forward now that they've reached agreement among themselves on the scope of the plan. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer joined the budget committees 11 Democrats to make the announcement at $3.5 trillion figure sets the upper limit on an eventual go it alone bill that would address climate change and expand health care and other social service programs. NPR's GILE Snyder reporting. Republicans in Congress are expected to reject the budget proposal. Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell is likely to be grilled about inflation today when he testifies before a congressional committee. NPR's Scott Horsley reports. The Labor Department says inflation is the highest It's been in 13 years. Consumer prices jumped by 5.4% in the last 12 months, the sharpest increase since 2000 and eight The price hikes come as demand is roaring back from the pandemic recession, While many businesses are struggling to keep up. Carmakers, for example, have been limited by a shortage of semiconductors, which in turn has led to a dramatic spike in the price of used cars. Federal Reserve believes this and other bottlenecks will eventually come unstuck and demand will cool off last month. Fed policymakers raised their forecast for inflation this year, but said they still expect price hikes to moderate to just over 2% next year. Scott Horsley. NPR NEWS Washington The National Interagency Fire Center says that 67 large fires have burned nearly a million acres of land are more than 1400 square miles. Almost all the fires are burning in the West, One of the largest, remains the so called bootleg fire burning uncontained in south central Oregon. It is consumed more than 300 square Miles. Pop singer Britney Spears returns to court today in California. A judge is expected to decide if she will be allowed to choose her own lawyer, NPR's Andrew Lim, bahng reports. Spears previously described her private life that is controlled by a conservatorship. In that public testimony back in June, Britney Spears described a life without agency She couldn't pick her own doctors or even her own lawyer. Her current lawyer, Samuel Ingham, the third requested to resign last week, asking the court to appoint someone else in his place. At the same time, the pop star's mother, Lynne Spears, has petitioned for Britney Spears to be able to choose her own private counsel. Spears has been into conservatorship since 2000 and eight. Since then. Her father, Jamie Spears, has had control over all of her finances situation. Britney Spears has said publicly she wants to end. So far, No one has filed to end the conservatorship. If she gets a new lawyer, it would be up to them to follow through. Andrew Lim Bang NPR NEWS. This is NPR. President Biden has discussed his view of protecting voting rights in the US. In a speech in Philadelphia yesterday, Biden defended what he called the moral view of defending voting rights. He is urging Congress to pass stalled legislation that would bring a halt to voting restrictions that are being passed in states led by Republican legislatures. Republicans have defended the restrictions, saying this protects the process of voting. Black scholar and activist Cornel West has released a scathing resignation letter after leaving a position with Harvard University. NPR's Claire Lombardo reports. West says Harvard's Divinity School is in quote, decline and disarray. West announced back in March that he leave Harvard this summer after a long dispute over whether he'd get tenure. In the letter he showed on Twitter this week. West blame what he called the quote anti Palestinian prejudices of the Harvard administration for denying him tenure. In the letter dated June 30th. The professor also said that the shadow of Jim Crow was cast across the school. It's the second time West has left Harvard. The first was in 2000 and two after a spat with the Venn University president. Harvard declined. NPR's request for comment. Cornel West is now headed to Union Theological Seminary in New York City. Clara Lombardo. NPR NEWS France is celebrating its national holiday. Bastille Day commemorates the storming of the best deal prison in 17 89, marking the start of the French revolution. France is holding its traditional military parade in Paris, although fewer Spectators are allowed to attend. I'm Corvette. Coleman. NPR news. Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include at Lassen, makers of teamwork software, like the era confluence and tremolo committed to moving work forward for millions of people, thousands of teams and.

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