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Okay Let me you know. I think i think the ones you mentioned are correct. Hangman determinedly. He's he's definitely there looked looking. Kid can work solid condemning and easily go into the The wwe style of wrestling. They'll fucking love him there. Eighty fits perfectly But these guys mac Max caster and This kid anthony bowman what's on what's the who are the The claimed there. That's that's good look. I think they'll probably get a out or something there. Would they even consider orange cassidy absolutely not already have orange cassidy. Colorado Yeah you're going down his roster. Aws has a pretty good roster and not capitalized. You're like like look at these m m jeff was a crown now. Okay as activated money. Listen you have hangman. Page the acclaimed. Brian cage f tr. Christopher daniels and they would actually look at that press advance. Do without the fucking masks. Because he's you know he has a look they would. They will look at him Pentagon fucking ray. They will look at him. They look at those two. that's eight phoenix. They will look at them. Are the awa. Let them go but they look at them and see what about what about co cabana squashes. W we should sign. Eat fucking page. Yeah by i don. I don't think that's going to happen either. I think i think that that That moments pass are they are they. I think he's probably going to be a little bit too bitter for a while but Yeah i i think pretty much we. We nailed it on the head with that while he's thirty one years. Oh i didn't know he was. He was old up like that shit. He's still young guy. Yeah yeah. I think we we. We pretty much pretty much wrapped it up there. So but out guys the owners stick around we return have jv lewis who statement from saint louis stopping by discussing. Of course ms thoughts about the his era has area of expertise when talking about the women's wrestling and how it's been progressing and other stuff in wrestling and as well as his His youtube pages and stuff so guys are going to stick around you guys in the second. This is abc. Nato easy narrow and what. I'm not doing blow up a hooker driving drunk heading down. Fdr drive old cross bronx or out there beating the crap out of daughters son grandmother than anybody who's in my way i've listed on turf tabloid download shreve since cried on all podcasting and social media outlets. Oh hey narrow. The fake one. One out of kobe..

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