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That was educating our on us on utilizing the ag supplied for end users blocking agent also that when it's elevated that this can cause a plethora symptoms that were grim gober in a second here but i want to go back to the environment to algiers and i want to discuss a couple of things because i think the confusion here is that a lot of physicians during different times a season are just going to say hey let's go hingis take some type of histamine blocker uh let's take some type the medicine that was either going to treat sinus infection and really the route root cause here is that these environmental elgin which is a of foreign substance we call it an antigen is slowly are affecting your immune system and in addition to that that we feel that one of the best strategies to treat this is to do the proper diagnostic testing which you can go to your physician uh a traditional dr can do this analogy to dr can do this and they can do a skin test uh which is which is fine but we also found that using a confirmation blood test division ovation because it presents a different we in chewed the suram shall we think a combination of both of those is very very appropriate and then you can get all of a form of treatment we know by healing the gut is very very hopeful we know certain nutrients are very hopeful but what's interesting that they're schirn are innovative of former colleges that a using sure cream james very specific based on where your allergies are to not desensitize your immune system believer not to help build up that i g g subtype four which acts as a block the agent in addition to doing injections or.

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