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Going that's a video posted on nikki o'neill's twitter page cal fire says seventeenhundred acres have been burned in the dense areas of anaheim in west corona with some thousand people in west krona order to evacuate when structure has been destroyed in even though this fires happening right off highway ninety one as you just heard there has of as of yet been no road closures three hundred firefighters are on the scene president trump's latest travel ban announced over the weekend includes two nations that are non majority muslims critics call it part of me critic still see it as a muslim ban but supporters rejects the label give he sees leslie beristain roe haas explains the new rules ban or restrict travel from syria iran libya somalia and chad which are majoritymuslim there are also two nonmuslim countries north korea and then as well adt officials say all failed to cooperate with the us on security but so don't believe that argument for read a shahata is an attorney with the council on american islamic relations in anaheim when you look at the restriction it clearly indicate that could come from and those impacted from north korea and venezuela are very minimal the ban only restricts venezuelan government officials and their families and just a few hugh north koreans come to the us each year former us attorney peter noon yes in san diego says the latest restrictions art about religion three countries that are on the list they pose a threat to the national security united states the us supreme court was set to hear arguments under legality of chun's travel ban next month that's nalon hold as attorneys reviewed the latest limits for the california report i'm leslie bear stein roe haas in los angeles now unlike the cia the trumps administration's previous travel bans this new order has no foreseeable end and kqed's freed of java low romero found that worries a naturalized us citizen from yemen one of the eight countries targeted mogae alami man's the cash register at grocery store in a glint for family for him.

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