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But the smartest guy in the room there's a guy in the nfl in every decade that is the most copied and duplicated and mimicked and respected in the these it was paul brown the cleveland browns he essentially invented the hierarchy of coaching the coached the coordinator the position codes that special team coach he developed scouting game plans everything in football you see today in the fifties created by paul brown in the '60s it was vince lombardi who is not only incredibly progressive on race relations at the time gayrights race a writes he was very progressive but he created this dominating offense and was duplicated for decades beyond that the 80s it's bill walsh his coaching trees unbelievable the west coast offense smartest guy in the room super bowls and then in the nineties you can argue it was a lot of bill par cells and his personnel accu men and he was the great teacher and the mentor to so many great coaches jimmy johnson also gets a plug because jimmy johnson tr a changed the culture of trades nobody in the nfl traded players until jimmy johnson i mean the new york giants in their in their like history it made one trade jimmy johnson shows up in dallas trades half as roster change the entire culture of the league in acquisitions and trades and then in two thousand on it's been bella check hudek who can do the cap who's a defensive guy but he's a great mentor he knows offense details red zone every decade there's been a guy okay'd the next personnel at a mentioned not going to be mentioned but should be it's tom coughlin tom coughlin coaches boston college they beat number one notre dame he leaves boston college has never been the same he goes to expansion jacksonville they make the playoffs four times i mean they were like nine and seven eleven and 511 and 514 in two he leaves jacksonville eventually they unravel he goes to the at the time.

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