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Welcome to Healthline by purity products. I am your host, Steve summers, and I've got to tell you, we have got a fascinating show for you today. Now, if you're like most people, you may have noticed that when you hit 50, you kind of hit the wall. You know, between your joints, the heart, the brain, your eyes, your energy, you name it. Now when you hit 50, you have to pay attention to your health. We all know that. So whether you're 40 or 50 or seeing your 60s or 70s or even older for that matter, our guest today says he's discovered something that you can unlock the key to feeling better at any age. This is exciting. What is it? What are we talking about? Why do you need to know about this? Well, stay tuned. Doctor Neil Levin is on the line here. Doctor Neil Levin is a chiropractor. He's a nutritionist. He's a longtime adviser for purity products. Welcome doctor levitt, so great to have you back on the show today. This is a big story, isn't it? Oh, absolutely, Steve, and let's start right to the chase here that discovery you talked about at the top there. It's krill oil because krill oil is simply amazing for us. It's great for the heart, great for the joints, fantastic for the brain for the eyes. I mean, I have people coming into my clinic every single day and they want to feel better. I mean, they want to feel physically better, stronger. They want their joints to feel comfortable, but they want to stay mentally sharp. They want to keep that brain thinking like it did when they were younger. They want to protect themselves from coronary heart disease and maintain those flexible healthy youthful arteries for a wonderful circulation. Hey, Steve, they want to boost their energy. And you know, why not? I mean, we need deserve it. And that's what we're going to be talking about here today with this krill omega. 50 plus, which is the cutting edge combination, Steve, of krill oil, which is so fabulous for us, but we've infused the krill oil. Now, this is so important. We've infused the krill oil with the high omega three concentrated fish oil. You need to do that when you're dealing with krill because it's krill just isn't high enough in omega three. So many other important parameters in virtues, but you got to get that high omega three fish oil in there and we've done that. So this is now the best of both worlds, but we didn't stop there for the 50 plus years we've added some vitamin D we doubled the antioxidant power and Steve, we actually increased the amount of coral by 67%. So this now becomes the finest omega three nutrient in the world as far as I'm concerned. This is very, very exciting. This krill oil sensation. I mean, it is all over the news, doctor Neal 11, great studies are out there many experts are declaring that krill oil is better than fish oil. So give us this low down on this chrome omega 50 plus formula. Right. Steve, you know, if I told you that this is one tiny pill that benefits the joints and the brain and memory mood coronary heart disease, wonderful for the arteries, makes your hair shine great for the skin. I mean, what would you say to that? Hey, where can I get this? Right? And we have it. It's cruel omega 50 plus and we're going to give it to everybody for free today. And that's really cool because purity wants everybody to try this. Because they know they're going to see a huge difference, but get this. On top of that, for the first thousand people that call today, we're giving away a second gift because I just demanded this. You know, when we're dealing with the 50 plus and hey, you know, if you're 40 and you feel like your energy is low, this is for you also, but for people 50 and over, we're also giving away free B 12 energy melts. I demand that this because, hey, as we're getting a little older, we don't absorb that B 12 as well. And I want you to feel the benefits from this krill omega 50 plus I want to Jack up those B 12 levels for you today as well. What a value proposition. You know when it comes to your health, it really is a win win. This is amazing. I heard you say that this can actually reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. When you hear that, whose ears don't perk up after that, how exactly does that work anyway? Right, well, cruel omega 50 plus, remember, this is the combination of krill oil with the high omega three highly concentrated fish oil. So it's much higher than omega threes than most krill oil formulas would be. So when we're dealing with the high omega three fish oil, we're talking about support for the HDL cholesterol, healthy youthful flexible arteries that's so great for the circulation. Heart and muscle strength platelet activity, red blood cells that stay nice and soft and flexible so they can work their way through those little capillaries. Oh, what about triglycerides? That becomes so important. So this krill omega 50 plus supports the heart in so many ways. And you know the bottom line is we need to think about this because as we're getting a little older 50 plus, maybe mid 40s, certainly 60s and 70s, it's decision time. I mean, you know your body's not working the way it did when you were in your 30s. It's energy might not be there. You need to make a decision. Are you going to take it laying down or just let yourself get old or are you going to do something about it? Are you going to stay physically active? Are you going to do the things you need to stay healthy? And getting these omega threes that krill oil, the vitamin D, the antioxidants make such a difference. This is a game changer for anybody in that 50 plus age group. Doc, this is absolutely great information. I know that omega threes are best known for their cardiovascular benefits, and they're certainly also known as brain food. Now, we've discussed this in some of the past shows. If you would touch on the brain benefits for our listeners listing out there today and tell us why you say that supplementing with omega threes isn't just a good idea for the brain, but it absolute necessity. This is such an important point that you're bringing up. Absolutely for brain health, we must must get these omega threes back in there. When you think about omega threes and you think about brain health and memory and mood and feeling sharp, you really want to single out the DHA component. That's the doko hexanoic acid. You know what, Steve, your brain is 60% fat by weight. And of that 25%, 25% needs to be HA. You know what I use an analogy in my practice People understand calcium and bone health, right? If you don't have calcium in your diet and you don't supplement with calcium, your bones are going to get brittle and weak. That's what happens to bones. Bones need calcium for their normal strength and structure. Now, with the brain it's the same. DHA for normal structure. We use this for one brain norm to communicate with another to build out the brain. The serotonin, the dopamine, all the feel good neurotransmitters. So must must have it must get it back in there. It's so important and with this krill omega 50 plus we've increased the level of DHA because we put the concentrated omega threes in here. Now with curly maker 50 plus, you're going to get a 130

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