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Is running as a moderate candidate, but hasn't inspired the same support as Raissi. Public apathy has been widespread, though, after a panel under harmony, But hundreds of candidates, including reformists, and those aligned with the outgoing president, the relatively moderate Hassan Rouhani, I'm Charles de la Decima, Boeing's newest version of the 7 37 Max jetliner. Made its first test flight taking off near Seattle for an expected to our trip that the company hopes will signal improving fortunes for its most important plane. The Max 10 is a slightly larger version of Max jets. That are already flying. Ed Donahue. AP News I'm Ed Donahue with an A P news minute. The leader of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is talking about a variant of the coronavirus. CDC director Dr Rochelle Walensky expects the delta variant of the coronavirus to become the dominant strain in the U. S. It was first seen in India and then spread to Britain, where it's now the dominant strain. Dr Walensky says the delta variant is hyper transmissible. But as worrisome as that is, she says, the vaccines work against it. So here's her advice. Make sure you get your second shot, she says, and you'll be protected against the delta vary into the coronavirus. Doctor. Wolinski was on ABC s Good Morning America. I'm Rita Foley. Border. Restrictions between the US and Canada are being extended until July, 21st. The announcement was made by Canada's public safety minister. The restrictions were first announced in March of last year and have been extended every month since I'm Ed Donahue. AP News I'm Ed.

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