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Saint. John's calls itself the town of friendly neighbors. It said son. Ancestral apache hopi dna and suny land. Which was then occupied by mexican and mormon settlers who established a town in the late eighteen. Hundreds today has a population of around thirty five hundred people. More than three quarters white. It's a mellow community close to the mountains. Which makes it an attractive place for families. Like judge leith. Femmes wife's mom grew up in saint. John's so we I worked at a big firm in phoenix. And then one of my friends moved up here. I when judge lay them. His wife and young children decided to follow suit. He took a job at the apache county attorney's office and then he decided to run for judge on i look. He doesn't fit the stereotype. He looks like a youthful college student. And as a friendly welcoming demeanor but he had a vision but part of it really was just you know there were things. I felt like needed to happen and things that my experience in small counties is a lot of times. Things are being done the way they're being done because that's how they've always been done one of those things. The biggest one was the local youth detention center which was heavily underutilized. The eleven bed facility said empty for sometime six weeks at a time and was costing a little over eight hundred thousand dollars a year when you average one point seven kids a day. Those costs just stop making sense. And so i knew this was a problem like it was a well known thing amongst you know maintenance people that like you know the staff's playing ping pong because there's nobody there it's just a systemic problem You know in a small county like this. You just don't have the numbers and you don't ever want to make the numbers. Ultimately fewer.

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