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Mall. Gye mud cost been now you out that podcast out and started listening. I took my micro and found some human vocal. Okay. Then I recalled at all while. I name his Boxster Nive. I want you to joy. That's the. Hey, hey, how you doing podcasts? Adam Buxton here beautiful day out here in Norfolk in the east of England, October twenty eighteen. And changes afoot in the countryside off deciduous trails, Tonga, Brown, galled tumbling to the ground. It's the fall Rosie to get it off a bit too early for the think. Yeah. But if I wait any longer, it's going to be Johnny winter. Why are you talking about offs in thing? I'm going to go by. Harry bullets lie post. So welcome listeners to episode number eighty of the Adam. Buxton podcast. Thanks so much for joining me what's again and this episode features a conversation with American comedian storyteller actor and writer desert Birch. She grew up in California before moving to New York City where she cut her teeth as a stand up comedian and theatre performance. She holds a BA in theater studies from Yale University. That is a prestigious learning seat. And now she lives in London, which is where I spoke to her towards the beginning of this year, twenty eight teen and I bought desert gift as you will hear the gift of truth, all deaths sticks. And that sent us off on a variety of conversational tangents which included fantasy jobs, teenage sexual angst, and the reason that age twelve. I was concerned, I might be the anti Christ. Well, we'll be revealed relationship Malays and some Frank descriptions of desert's younger days when she worked briefly as a pro dominatrix in New York trigger warning, there is some mention of testicle abuse. Now I'd seen Disraeli on the BBC's stand up. Comedy showcase live at the Apollo and during her set, she enjoys some laughs at the expense of what she describes as short white fetish e men, his clip short guys are cool. There usually like funny and charming and gregarious. They gotta be. Definitely will go home with a short dude. You know, like they're hot, right. I just can't date them during daylight hours. I tend to a lot of white dudes. And the problem is I can't walk down the street holding short white dude's hand because I'm gonna look like Jamaica nanny picking him up from daycare. Well, I find that amusing, but I the toll beautiful Indian dude. So I was interested to hear if other people ever get offended by her material and how she navigates that area in general. And that was how are enjoyable and meandering conversation began. I'll be back to say a brief good by the end of the podcast. But right now here we go..

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