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Wife want to get your information how is john grisham she who i mean rightfully so he's right up there like in the top she just loves his writing and just the direction he goes and and and everything so it's it's great now let's tell our listeners all across the country and everything how they can reach out to you be facebook twitter they can bite a book your your websites go ahead website is probably the easiest ways www dark dot mardi mais let's i'm gonna spell that it's all one word m a r t y n like in nancy eight l i t like in thomas z like zebra dot com marina let's dot com that's probably the easiest way and you go to anna's on you can just enter my name and my books will pop up and actually you've probably seen this many times we have it set up so that people can read the first three or four chapters can decide if they like it or not before they buy it website and you can your trailers for the books each one of the books had separate trailer kind of interesting and you can if you click on the link you can on my website you can read the i i i wanna say it's four chapters of each book and get sensible you like it or not how about if people want to book you for speaking appearances how would they do that they can email me on my.

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