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The Premiere episode and John C Miami of Ohio Leads Louisiana Zhanna right now seventy three in big trouble. No I've only five minutes to go in the second I've got were Niamey. Plus fifteen th that you have minus V. No I have Miami plus fifteen. I'm in great shape in Europe Lynch side of the coin. I win my first bed of twenty twenty the other side of the coin. Miami collapses. I'm competing against you tales Miami Collapses Laura what is it did you hear tales. Yes so that's Laura She's new congratulations relations figuring out how to turn your mic on. which was an issue the other day but are how long you've been here? I going on two months going on too much. Why I I just meeting? You haven't been here for two months. Okay good good. All right. Aren't lost. Track Greg. Got It right okay. I'll start with this coach. Oh fifty year old Ed ordure on is maybe the best coaching story in all of sports this year leading. LSU To an undefeated record thirteen now your number. One ranking spot as the favorite in the national championship chipped USC head coach. Oh yeah but. They didn't think he could handle being the church head. Coaching passed him over. Even Lsu was rumored to Tom. Herman to replace place less miles before Herman decided to go to Texas and LSU settled for coach. Oh yeah as their second choice. It was hard to see this coach showing up. He was ten in twenty four right at Ole miss in his first head. Coaching gig Nice runner. USC He went six and two at USC before being passed over then six thousand two at Lsu before almost being passed over again. So I have a weird question I want you to listen. This for people who've never never heard coach speak pay attention to his voice. This is his actual voice. Greg give us a little coach. Oh everything's online and whatever things on the line I believe in a team but you know we don't make the game later this. This is an important game for us. Obviously to get women WanNa go when we take it a one game at a time. Okay right. So here's my question. Do you think ed or girons voice. The fact that he sounds like a cartoon character held him back in anyway. Anyway or do you think it was strictly as record. That kept him from getting to the top sooner than he did. I think his voice was pardoned. I do too too hard to take serious right and there's a little bit of being easy to caricature and let me point this out. He is a great rain guy. Great Guy and what people like we say this about Clay Helton clay on a great guy and when somebody is a really good guy for whatever reason you think will. Maybe he's not tough or he's not serious but can you imagine. USC would love to have right now and Lsu. If they had had Tom Herman Tom. Herman went seven and five this year. Yeah I mean well. He said coach always very easy to be happy for into root for now that he's working thinking about coach. Oh two is he's. He's a an unbelievably great recruiter right unbelievably good recruiter. And by the way if you've ever seen the movie the blind side yeah coach. Oh plays himself in that movie. He's the one who got Michael. oher gap the kid in the movie to go to Ole Miss. He had the inside track. Both of his parents had gone to old miss so he was a legacy but coach. Oh plays himself does a good job as chat all right in. The world of fitness brands are increasingly employing digital tact tactics to to attract new recruits in the classes that succeed in bringing strangers closer together seem to be doing the best among the developing field. One class has emerged as more extreme than the others others. Certainly a name. I'll say at once it's this. It's the skinny bitch. Collective now controversial highly selective. It's a British exercise is reserved Class reserved for the elite Russell. Bateman is behind it. A former writer turned personal trainer. He claimed the name of the female lonely fitness group was meant as a term of endearment a former. SBC member emphasizes how difficult it is to get in. You can't just turn up. I'm pretty sure they looked at your instagram. I am followers. You have to email. Say exactly why you WanNa go etc Why do we have? Why do we create these elitist gems and exercise programs and doesn't Abboud Z.? Jim Actually started defeat. Its purpose No no here's why you do it. Creating the illusion of exclusivity has always sold this. Did you watch any of the documentaries. He's on the fire festival. Yes the one in the Bahamas. Yes that was basically watch both of them. Yeah I did too. That was basically if you haven't seen in. There's one a Netflix one Hulu Lou. What this organizers did he was a con man was basically got the hottest models he could find to do a commercial saying? We're all going to be at this party and it's GonNa have concerts and exclusive waterfront accommodations. And it's GonNa be great and then just took people's money and never produce result right. I was an unmitigated disaster. People showed up down in the Bahamas. He tried to save it last minute. And it turned out to be a bunch of dodd matters fall prey to exclusivity and they try not to. I think it's so SNOB. I didn't go. Well hold on you do it and you didn't even know okay. Tell me where I do it. With your Ram season tickets. They date the soldier the highest level of access to get you the best seats in to get you into clubs and stuff like that and you paid more for it because you you knew you. We're getting exclusive benefits. I told you long time ago. I said once you got into business or first class you would. You'd probably get into everytime coach to Costa Rica right but I know got it now. I'm aware of it and I was able to use miles to fly one time but I won't. I won't pay for a lot of people will. Yeah I know a lot of people well when you get a taste of that lice. Oh frigging expense. And so that's why it's I don't think this gym is in is necessarily going or this program. This exclusive program is going to be the any more helpful or better for you than you would be. Just going to Gold's gym in. Venice bought the fact that you think it is right. Maine's they can market it and it's not and you can get you can sell the exclusive Jim in La now Ucla Hills for anybody can join right. Yeah Yeah it's Pricey I'm trying to think if there's there it's more like can you get in with an elite trainer like the Lakers strength conditioning coach. Gunnar Peterson has very practice. That he trains Kate Beckett sale and Jennifer Aniston and that you know that world of people right But so but but he produces unique results. When I'll tell you one thing I I also think an element of this is the idea of being in a class right up because there's a there's a group energy that happens when you're in a class whether it's a yoga class or God bless you twenty-three-year-old women who are going to a soul cycle? There's a vibe that happens when you're in a group or in a class and it sounds like that's also part of the appeal here fouls chack all right amaze name. Leanne Ashley is a thirty year old instagram model. That until last week had a live in boyfriend she no longer does. Because because of an Apple Watch nailing says quote one day I was home and he was washing his truck outside. I saw his Apple Watch going off buzzing in buzzing and buzzing egg curious because they saw a small square that looked like a picture of a girls but in underwear so I opened it she. She discovered he'd been messaging girlfriend of several months side checks his ex and that he'd been meeting with multiple prostitutes. Joyo hello So here's my question. Let's say you're a guy listening to this right now and you have an Apple Watch okay. You have an apple what I do. Would you continue to keep it or would you get rid of it. Knowing you your private life could be exposed At any time not necessarily that you're cheating like this guy did right but it's very easy if you take your watch off and throw it on the counter and you people over that they could see things that you wouldn't necessarily want the MRIs nothing interesting. I can tell them either I at the slightest bit interesting. My wife has all my passwords. One has all my passwords and vice versa. There's nothing going on but got greg would you Do you have anything to hide. Get rid of the Apple. Watch snow I can put my phone down and put. She has my password to my phone whenever she wants right. I would think though if you're listening to this and you're like this guy and if you're if you're if you're messing around technology can get you tiger woods. You know big mistake should never an apple watch. Would've done him in. He would have been caught years earlier. No one got. I forgot how to do. The data into that goings. New Star. Liner capsule could not dock with the international space station after a software glitch caused it to launch into the wrong orbit minutes after blasting off on. Its first test flight. I was Boeings. Chance to catch up with SPACEX NASR's other commercial provider. NASA has opted to shift on how it operates instead of owning the hardware. It now hires private a bit. Companies to take over NASA has ordered Boeing and SPACEX billions of dollars to develop made in the USA solutions. NASA says that by early next year they're going to be launching American astronauts on American rockets from American soil again for the first time since the space shuttle shut down in two thousand eleven now NASA has been exploring space on its own for years. Is that a good idea to privatize our space program. or The upsides downsides and how important is it for us as humanity to continue exploring space. If you study the history of space exploration what you learn is it's not necessarily conquering occurring space. But it's all the things that we've gotten from it. Yes for example titanium was invented in the space program and now we use titanium for safety ours ars in your foot and then my golf driver and you know every everything else So I have no problem with either of the things you asked about. I have no problem with them. Privatizing privatizing it. I think that that means you get all the best ideas and you just you use the open market to to find out who has the best stuff yup and yeah I would continue to explore space because other people are going to explore it and who knows what's going on up there. There may be a whole alien life form. That's looking at US ready to take us out like in the movie movie Independence Day. We got to be ready for these guys ready. Exactly yeah the things that have been invented because of space stu- stuff you don't even think of like scratch resistant. I glass land rights or the cat scan or led lights a bunch of different kinds hypothetic shoes. All kinds of stuff has been developed. Because I think it's important to get out there. I personally think it's important that we get to Mars. Heck Yeah I wanNA meet the Martians..

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