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Over the real war begins leviathan bio court seven remington cd ever dexterous and thrill of the fight other enormous animated book. Dragons that ethical spell didn't fizzle on they just became sentient and kind of realized. He was deeb so they bailed. Thanks for that sullivan. H trump hop. Dropper sydney t. Alex jesse deal are the element. God and lindsey w wizards who created janis aftershave. It doesn't have the same telepathic benefits as his hair gel. But it does take some pretty powerful folks to make something. That smells this fresh. Oh yeah that's the stuff champ. Wild they lynn sprite pepsi. Carlin see anthony. S and jake sheriffs. Who baked chips for chrissy and can attest that when they do it. There's way more smoke than what was coming. Out of the tower. These are smokey flavors. Fam- that equate mesquite see matthew j. Dr ep michael s the bone duster and noah spiders climbing the stairs. Who fear absolutely blew past. No need for spider. Climb on that elite specimen of raw athletic talent. Couldn't agree more. go get it girl. Style barron s so actions romance partner from the baronies. Mr dude sky conflicted diem an just an l. stat familiar. Who are so fiercely. Independent that even when athens team of interns was casting fine familiar over and over. It really felt like a minimal buzzing in their ears. While that's dedication dandy. Jennifer are clifton. A richard g m barber and marcos the first wizards and indo tara to use feathers as wants something. That athens immediately imitated which makes sense. Because that's just what he does. Sorry elden get the credit. You truly deserve it pup kayla ish gabriel. Am learns the balanced. Druid dakota jp pegos self-proclaimed fe prints and tracy p the creek elf librarian at the course interns from the library. Aside from practicing find familiar over and over again they were also tasked with seeing what robes were popular these days. God that's sad and e brett d scrapie bog pipe holly anthony. A and leah. See major feet manicurist. You'd think there would be a huge need for them but then you see how much chrissy banged up that poor foot. Oh it's out of eight mess. No abigail egg. Infinitum sloth king seven seven and chuckled down cow phillips new greased lightning pit crew. Everyone there has a very specific job. And it's egg infinitives to continually play the original greased lightning song on loop the most important job of all commodore galaxy edison russell. H nieto's and laura are crissy's old friends who haven't seen him for thousands of years and are currently waiting for him on the other side. Saudi all you got to wait at least one more day. Hopefully and that is all of our shouts. Thank you so so much to all of our council members. If you would like to join the council you can do so at patriot. Dot com slash nad pod. We truly appreciate you and we will see a next week by bye. hey podcast..

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